International Training Programme ‏ 2014, Macedonia

Deadline:  20 April 2014
Open to: Young people aged 18-35
Venue: 24-31 May 2014, Berovo, Macedonia


Lucca Leadership Macedonia  is part of a global network of organizations found in the UK, Netherlands, Australia and USA, which provide training programs on Transformational Leadership to youth aged 16-35, and are dedicated to helping young people harness their innate leadership potential, discover their passion and live their vision. The goal is to support and guide young leaders as they develop the skills and confidence to lead effective transformation in their communities.

Lucca Leadership Macedonia is offering their next training programme on Transformational Leadership, specifically tailored to help young people get a hands-on experience on transformational leadership, through a balanced mixture of theory, practice, individual reflection and dialogue. This experiential model also includes the opportunity for every participant to be in the leader’s position, to gain awareness on how they function as leaders, as well as discover how they can tap more fully into the range of capabilities and skills they innately posses.

The programme

The “Transformational Leadership Foundations” international leadership program will be delivered by a team of experienced coaches and facilitators, from the UK, the Netherlands and Macedonia, with years of experience in delivering leadership training programmes, workshops and university lectures in different countries around the world.

Lucca Leadership Macedonia works with Transformational Leadership because this kind of leadership approach creates sustainable solutions, and avoids solutions that only benefit some at the expense of others. A transformational leader is one who is able to connect with their true passion, intent and inner wisdom, in order to unlock their potential for the good of all. The programs are tailored to help participants discover the skills and abilities required to deliver this leadership in practice.


Young people aged 18-35 can apply


Thanks to the financial supporters and donors (the programme is financially supported by Dauti Foundation), the participation fee has been reduced to only 35 EUR for Western Balkans countries (Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Turkey, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia) and 50 EUR for all other countries. The participation fee covers all meals and accommodation, training materials as well as local transportation while in Macedonia from the capital city to the venue and back.

There is a limited number of bursaries available, for partial or complete reduction of this participation fee. International travel expenses to Macedonia are the sole responsibility of the participants, but feel free to contact us if you need advice on the cheapest way of getting here.


Interested applicants should complete the application form found here  before the application deadline. (20 April 2014)

For any additional questions and queries that you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact . We will be more than happy to assist you in anything you might need.

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