Why is This Blog Named Inari

Welcome to Inari. This is a blog that empowers young people and their families with information and tips to pursue their interests, and to link them with the communities as engaged citizens.  Before I start, let me talk a little bit about Inari, and myself as her messenger – the Red Fox.

Inari is the Japanese Goddess of Rice and Prosperity. Inari is one of the most mysterious deities of Japan, because she can be in both male and female forms.  Folklores tell when there is a full moon, she/he will descend from a mountain to the rice fields with a fox (kitsune) leading the way, to bless the harvest.  She usually holds one or more of the following in her hands: sheaf of rice, sword, or a jewel. In spring, disguised as a female, she appears like a beautiful young woman with long beautiful hair, serving as the maiden of the spring to assist planting of the rice; summer sees her as the mother nurturing her growing grain, and with the harvest in the fall, she becomes an old lady.

I hope this blog can be like Inari – the Goddess of Nourishment, to support our youth’s future success.  And as a messenger Red Fox myself, I will do my best with Inari’s bless to lead the way for our youth to prosperity.

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