FREE Occupation Specific Classes at the Hubbs Center, St. Paul, MN

Classes that will be starting this week and next please take a look at them and pass along the news.
Carpentry Preparation: Hands on preparation to enter Pre-Apprenticeship Program; learn construction reading and math skills as well as OSHA 10 and CPR/First Aid Certification. Minimum of 5th grade reading level and a high school diploma/GED or be actively pursuing GED. 1/7/2013-4/24/2013 (14 weeks)
Intro to Business Office: Introduction and preparation for Principles of Accounting 1, a 4 credit class at St. Paul College. Learn basic accounting; business communication and computer skills. 1/7/2013-3/22/2013 (11 weeks)
Intro to Health Care Careers: This class will introduce the student to the health care field, both direct and indirect care. They will learn vocabulary, computer skills and develop a greater understanding of health care jobs. This class is ideal English language learners. 1/7/2013-3/21/2013 (11 weeks)
Intro to Nursing Assistant(pre-CNA): Preparation to enter the Certified Nursing Assistant Training. High interest in direct care. This is a preparation class, it is not a certification class. Ideal for English language learners, or individuals that have been out of school for an extended amount of time. 1/3/2013-5/17/2013 (18 weeks)
Intro to Retail/Customer Service: Preparation and training for retail and customer service careers. Ideal for English language learners. 1/3/2013-3/1/2013 (8 weeks)
Retail/Customer Service Certificate: Prepare for sales/customer service industry with a concentration on communication, and math skills. 1/3/2013-3/1/2013 (8 weeks)
ServSafe(R) Food Safety:  Learn safe food handling practices; leads to MN Certified Food Manager License. 2/4/2013-3/22/2013 (7 weeks)
Registration is every Monday and Wednesday, 9-11:30 AM and 2-6 PM at the Hubbs Center. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Alana McDevitt
Community Outreach Coordinator
The Hubbs Center
St. Paul Public School Adult Basic Ed.
1030 University Ave. E.
St. Paul, MN 55401

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