Century Diversity Scholarship Promotes Leadership

Century College Diversity Scholarship to Promote  Leadership

scholarshipvisitors72A new Century College scholarship established  by philanthropist Scott
Thompson in honor of Dr. Yang Dao is intended to promote  leadership in students
from diverse communities – particularly the Hmong  community.

“We want to encourage the development of the next  generation of leaders,”
said Thompson, an investment advisor who is active in  the Hmong community.
He noted that Dr. Dao, the first Hmong to earn a PhD, is a  great role
model for aspiring student leaders.

Thompson said they  chose Century for the scholarship because of the college
’s long-established  connection to the Hmong community. Century has more
than 1,500 Asian students,  who make up about 15 percent of the student body.
Outside of the University of  Minnesota, Century is the top choice for St.
Paul area students of Asian descent  who go on to college.

The first Scott Thompson/Dr. Yang Dao  Scholarship will be presented at the
Hmong New Year’s Celebration held annually  at the Metrodome in December.

Photo cutline:
Neng Lee, Tom  Black, Dr. Yang Dao, Scott Thompson, Dr. Ron Anderson, Jill
Greenhalgh, Blong  Yang

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