Call for participants for the Seminar: Youth Emancipation in the Greek Context

Date: 21-24 November, 2013

Place: Athens, Greece
Participants: 15 participants 
Deadline for applications: 5 November, 2013
Title: Youth Emancipation in the Greek Context


Dear Activists especially in the European South,


As you probably know, FYEG is putting up a series of seminars and events in order to address the situation in which young people find themselves today. The high numbers of Youth Unemployment creates a situation where the young generation seems to be left alone and without perspective. Against the agony, we will strive for exploring new ways organizing our social and economic live.

The seminar gives activist from Green youth organisations and movements in the south of Europe the possibility to propose policies and solutions to the current European crisis. There will be around 30 young participants from all over Europe and have the opportunity to exchange opinion with Green MEPs.

The Seminar will bring young people from across Europe together for an in-depth learning and training course. The programme will include a content part where speakers as well as you participants will share information

This call is open for applicants coming from any Council of Europe member state, Belarus or Kosovo, but especially for applicants from Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Cyprus. Participants should be interested in the topics of this event, willing to take active part in the programme and follow up of the project. It is highly appreciated if applicants link this project with their organisation in one way or another, in particular in the follow-up of the Seminar.

The working language of this event is English

The main objectives we will concentrate on this event are:

  • Empower the youth as pioneers of the transformation of the economy
  • Understanding of the position of the youth in the economic crisis
  • To get  to know the different measures that need to be done on the policy level to elevate the situation of the youth
  • Understand different options for themselves to get active and engage in change


Accomodation and meals: participants will be hosted in a youth hostel in the Athens, meals are going to be provided. Due to limited financial capacities we will try to keep expenses low on the meals.

Travel:FYEG can reimburse travel costs from Europe up to 70 % with an absolute ceiling between 100 and 250 Euros depending on which region in Europe you come from. We will ask you to book your travel immediately after the confirmation of your participation to keep travel costs lower.

If you have any questions, Sarah (, Predrag Momcilovic <>  and Micha (  will try to support you with the right answers.


  1. Fill out the application form, if you didnt get it via mail, ask the above to send it to you
  2. Send the form to Sarah ( and Micha ( and CC to till 8th November
  3. You will get the notice for booking your journey soon after the deadline
  4. Please send your application as soon as possible

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