“It’s Time!” PERL Media Competition

Deadline: 13 December 2013
Open to: Students and professional filmmakers worldwide
Prize: First, second and third place will be awarded in each category, all winners will receive a certificate of merit/recognition


The PERL Media Competition is organized by the Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living. PERL is a partnership of educators, researchers and practitioners from over 140 institutions in more than 50 countries who are aware of the urgent need for individuals and society to significantly rethink and reorient the choices they make and the manner in which they live their lives in order to reduce the negative impacts of climate change and financial instability, to ensure a more just distribution of resources and foster sustainable, dignified human development for all. PERL is working towards developing methods and materials to encourage people to contribute to constructive change through the way they choose to live.

The PERL Media Competition has three different categories that are all linked to sustainable/responsible living. The media categories are:

  1. SHOOT – Videos/ Short Films
  2. WRITE – Magazine/Press Articles
  3. SNAP – Photos

The main theme for the PERL Media Competition is TIME; how do we perceive it, how do we use it, how can lives be improved by using/conceiving it better. Affiliated topics linked to TIME and moving towards more responsible lifestyles might include: Time and Travel, Time and Food, Time and Choices, Time and Fashion, or Time and Technology. These are just examples of topics so get thinking and come up with themes of your own!


Students (Post Primary to University Students):

  • All three competition categories (SHOOT Videos, WRITE Magazine/Press Articles and SNAP Photographs) are open to full or part time students of all ages (Post Primary to University Students), who are attending Secondary (Post-Primary), Further Education, Higher or Post Graduate education at the time of submitting their entry.
  • There is no entry fee however only one entry is permitted in each category per person/group
  • The competition is open to students worldwide

Professionals (Independent Filmmakers):

  • The short film category is open to Independent filmmakers
  • There is no entry fee however only one entry is permitted per filmmaker
  • The competition is open to filmmakers worldwide


First, second and third place will be awarded in each category (subject to sufficient entries being received in each category that meet the competition criteria). All winners will receive a certificate of merit/recognition. Winning entries and their authors/creators will be publicly promoted using media appropriate to each category,


Download the application forms for your category:

  1. SHOOT – Videos/ Short Films HERE
  2. WRITE – Magazine/Press Articles HERE
  3. SNAP – Photos HERE

Email your entries to perlmedia2013@gmail.com. The competition closes at midnight 13 December 2013 (Central European Time). Late entries will not be eligible for entry. Entries will be shortlisted and will be announced by March 2014. Winning entries will be notified by email and will be announced on the PERL website and at the PERL 2014 Conference in Ireland (2 – 4 April 2014) where they will be screened/exhibited/promoted using media selected by PERL as appropriate to the category/entry.

For any questions contact perlmedia2013@gmail.com.

Read the official call HERE.

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