“EuroIntegration – International Youth Forum”

Deadline: 12 November 2013
Open to: active young people from Europe
Venue: 9-13rd of December, 2013 Baku, Azerbaijan.



“EuroIntegration – International Youth Forum” organized by Integration of Azerbaijani Youth to Europe Organization (AGAT) with the support of Azerbaijan Youth Foundation. AGAT, with the participation of active young people from Europe, is planning to implement “EuroIntegration – International Youth Forum “. The forum will consist of panels and discussions. The main  topics of the forum will be ” The Role of Azerbaijan on European Integration in the Eastern Partnership policy “, ” Effective Activity of Azerbaijani youth in European institutions ” , “Development Prospects of Azerbaijan in Euro-Atlantic space “, “Eastern Partnership” and etc.​  The main objective of the project is to inform youth from Europe role of Azerbaijan in Euro-Integration process, the further development of cooperation between the young people from Europe and Azerbaijan, in order to inform European youth on Azerbaijan realities and on energy policy.



AGAT ‘ll prefer those youngsters who have not been in Azerbaijan yet. They need to give an opportunity to others. Thats why please take this into consideration.


Accommodation, food and travel expenses will be covered by  AGAT.


15 participants from 10 European countries will qualify to participate in the Forum. Interested European citizens, please e-mail agat.ngo@gmail.com or info@agat-ngo.az till November 12th, 2013.
Note : Accommodation, food and travel expenses will be covered by AGAT. All other information will be provided after selection of the participants.

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