Long Term Volunteer with The Youth Association from Transylvania !

Deadline: 1 March 2014
Open to: motivated youth aged 18-30 from EU/EEA countries, Eastern Europe and Caucasus
Benefits: expenses of the round-trip (90%), accommodation, food, pocket money, health insurance


The Youth Association from Transylvania recognizes the need of the local and regional community to have young people coming from other countries, who can contribute to developing the potential of the area from a cultural, social and economical standpoint.

The role of the volunteers within the organization is to act as support person and as execution agent to the activities and initiatives that already exist in the community or the NGO. They will have to bring their own motivation and plans in order to fill in the frame of these actions with meaningful, efficient content. The way the EVS activity of each volunteer is constructed as follows: they will have to allocate 60-70% of their time and activity, to work on this main activity. 20% of the time, their task will be to do common activities with the other volunteers, activities which are done around the yearly community traditions, events, happenings and holidays of the community. 10% of their time will be spent to create and do visibility materials and promotion activities for the NGO and especially for their own EVS activity.

The venues of their activities will be in Cristuru Secuiesc and a few of the activities may also be implemented in Odorheiu Secuiesc and SighișoaraDuration of the projects is 9-12 months. In this context, here are the 6 different types of main activities they propose for the volunteers:

  1. Starting July – Supporting the local Radio station – 2 volunteers
  2. Starting July – Supporting the local TV station – 1 volunteer
  3. Starting October – Recycling and up-cycling education manager – 1 volunteer
  4. Starting July – Support person for the Hosting Organization – 2 volunteer
  5. Starting July – Support person for nurseries, day care centers and kindergartens – 2 volunteers
  6. Starting July – Amateur Astronomy guide – 2 volunteers


The Youth Association from Transylvania is looking for any youth aged 18 to 30 who is serious and motivated to come to a small city and support us in the development of a community with a lot of potential. They do not require volunteers to have any pre-determined skill sets or aptitudes in order to carry out the activity, only an inquisitive demeanor and an openness to learn new things which may be needed for the activity. Also, they do not require participants to have advanced or intermediate English (or other foreign language) speaking skills, they only require them to have a basic skill in English and an openness to learn the local language in order to effectively communicate with the local community. Last but not least, they are looking for energetic, creative open minded and independent youth. If the potential volunteers do not possess these attitudes, they will certainly develop them while working together with them.

The call is open only for citizens of EU/EEA countries, Eastern Europe and Caucasus.


  • expenses of the roundtrip (90%), accommodation, food;
  • pocket money;
  • health insurance that covers all the period of the volunteer activities;
  • after finishing the EVS project (or at least a half) has the right to receive a EVS certificate, usually signed by the responsible of the National Agency in name of the European Commission.


If you are interested, send your CV and a motivation letter to office.ata@gmail.com until 1 March 2014.

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