Blog Call for Writers

ThoughtSpeakers Blog with over 450 readers monthly announces call for bloggers to join as writers in the subjects of:

  • self-improvement
  • practice of meditation
  • daily habits
  • writing

and many other topics related to self-realization and the food for thought. Anyone who is interested can present his or her blog posts.


  • experience in blogging
  • sample blog post
  • letter of interest
  • strong motivation to write at least once in a month

There is no limit in creativity.


  • Reach to over 450 readers monthly
  • Get new experience in blogging

Please send required to

Sharing experiences is a mutual act to know not only about each other, but also to get to know ourselves and be great challengers of life. Only through these experiences, we will finally live our lives fully.

ThoughtSpeakers Blog was registered as a new domain in December, 2012. Since then it has progressed as a blog for sharing real experiences for creativity, motivation and the purpose of life.

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