KAIST International Summer School 2014

Deadline:  15 April 2014
Open to: undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students from  universities and institutions
Venue: 7 July-1 August 2014, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea


Since its establishment in 2007, KAIST International Summer School (KISS) has worked faithfully to serve as a hub for cultural and academic exchange between students from all over the world. Throughout the past seven years, KISS has evolved to be become an integral part of the summer experience at KAIST and unique opportunity for students, from Korea and abroad, to interlace a tapestry of academic exchange through creative teaching and learning.

This year we have focused on offering classes that emphasize interaction, a fundamental skill needed by today’s interactive world and knowledge-based economy by offering Global Entrepreneurship and implementing theEducation 3.0 Curriculum. The Global Entrepreneurship course will allow students to learn about the fundamentals, infrastructure, and theoretical process behind transforming an idea into a reality. Education 3.0 is a new and revolutionary teaching and learning system developed at KAIST, and its focus is to enhance interaction and discussion in a traditional classroom setting.

We invite you to come experience innovative teaching and the blending of cultures at KAIST this summer at the 2014 KAIST International Summer School Program. This experience will most-definitely broaden your cultural understanding, deepen your intellectual capacity, and expand your network of friendships. We believe that 2014 KISS will provide a wonderful environment and program that will serve as a catalyst in formulating new friendships and pleasant memories that can be shared around the world.


*Please read the following carefully as our eligibility requirements and required documents for Option 1 and Option 2 are different. Both options require the student to fill out online application.  Click HERE


  • Students nominated from partner universities will be exempt from paying tuition fees, only if their participation will count towards the exchange balance with the respective partner university of KAIST.
  • KAIST will provide accommodation for all students for the duration of the KISS program.
    The cost of your accommodation for a shared room for the duration of the summer semester is listed below.

For more information click HERE


Application Deadline for Option 1 and Option 2

-Early bird deadline: April 15, 2014

-Regular application deadline: May 15th, 2014


Without this form, you WILL NOT be able to move in to the dorm or take classes. 
Please mail this form with other documents to KAIST International Relations Team.
Download the form here: Certifcate of Health Form.pdf

For more information, please e-mail us at summerschool@kaist.ac.kr

The official web-page.


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