Dunwoody College Career Awareness Program in Minneapolis, MN, USA


June 15-July 17, 9AM-3PM. For high school juniors and seniors. Students have college level courses and are introduced to Dunwoody tech classes. Receive a $100 weekly stipend, a free bus pass and food.

The Youth Career Awareness Program (YCAP) has been a part of Dunwoody College of Technology since 1988.  The program was founded by Mr. Leon Rankin (YCAP Director Emeritus) and President Emeritus Warren Phillips.

Our Mission: To enhance the career opportunities of under-represented youth, by empowering them to graduate from high school and obtain a degree from Dunwoody College of Technology.

We are proud of our statistics which are…

  1. 96% of YCAP students graduate from high school.
  2. 85% of YCAP students go on to post-secondary education at Dunwoody College of Technology.
  3. YCAP has assisted more than 1,250 students since the induction of our program!

Students accepted into the program are current high school juniors, seniors and potential first year Dunwoody College of Technology students. All applicants must be in good academic standing at their schools (2.5 G.P.A or higher), driven to succeed, interested in learning more about Dunwoody’s technical careers and have a strong financial need.

In addition to our mission our goals are to provide more females and students of color who come from a disadvantaged background, the opportunity to attend college. We begin with a six-week summer session, during which the YCAP students come to the Dunwoody campus to learn more about the various technical programs offered at Dunwoody. Students also improve their academic skills by taking College level courses and working on web-based academic soft ware.

Each grade level has a different summer experience
  1. YCAP II – (Entering 12th grade): Students spend their summer completing in-depth projects within 3-4 Dunwoody Departments and take College level courses to sharpen reading, writing, math and study skills.
  2. YCAP III – (Graduated Senior/Dunwoody Student): Students spend their summer completing in-depth projects within 3-4 Dunwoody Departments and take College level courses to sharpen reading, writing, math and study skills.
Monthly School Year Student Workshops

Workshops are hosted at Dunwoody College of Technology once a month for two hours, during which time each group focuses on a theme for the academic year.

Student Benefits
  1. Merit based financial support commonly established by excellent attendance, participation, and completion of assigned projects. (summer session only)
  2. Exposure to technical careers/programs at Dunwoody College of Technology.
  3. Ability to earn high school elective credits.
  4. Complete College level course material in reading, writing, math and study skills.
  5. Exposure to community service (15 hours per academic year until graduation from Dunwoody).
  6. Transportation provided via bus card (summer session only)
  7. Supplemental Scholarship to Dunwoody College of Technology to assist tuition, books, supplies and technology fee.
  8. Students are monitored throughout the school year to ensure they are maintaining an acceptable level of attendance, academic progress through daily study sessions and one on one meetings with the YCAP Manager.

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