How does it work?

  • Students must be between the age of 6 and 18 as of March 15, 2015 and not yet a high school graduate.
  • The student’s volunteer actions should be described in detail on the nomination.
  • Volunteer efforts must have occurred in the last year.
  • Winners will be chosen based on the benefits and outcomes of their volunteer service.
  • Nominators must be 21 or older.

What can they win?

  • Local winners will each receive a $50 Kohl’s Gift Card.
  • Regional winners will receive a $1,000 scholarship for higher education.
  • National winners will each receive a $10,000 scholarship, plus Kohl’s will donate $1,000 to a nonprofit of the student’s choice

Deadline to submit nominations: March 13, 2015

What you will need to complete your nomination

Please ensure you have all of the following information available prior to beginning the nomination. This will save time and may allow you to complete the nomination in one sitting.

Student Information, including:

  • Full name
  • Full mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Birthdate (month, day, year)
  • Expected high school graduation month and year
  • Name, city, and state of current school
  • Student age group (6-12 or 13-18) as of March 15, 2015
  • Parent/guardian’s full name, phone, and email address
  • Is the student a legal U.S. resident?

Student Volunteer Activity Information, including:

  • Benefiting organization, if any
  • Was this an existing activity, or was it developed by the student?
  • Number of hours the student personally and actively invested in this activity
  • Did the student personally recruit and/or supervise others who served as volunteers in this activity? If yes, number of volunteers recruited/supervised and their total service hours.
  • Type of activity (be detailed)
  • Results of activity (total amount of dollars raised; dollar value of items collected; number of items collected, packages assembled, etc.)
  • Number of people who directly benefited from student’s involvement in activity

Other volunteer service information, including:

  • Total number of student’s service hours during the past 12 months
  • Volunteer activities the student has been involved with during the past 12 months

Tips for using the nomination website

  • All required information must be complete and entered in the format described in order to submit your nomination.
  • Utilize the Nomination Menu, Information Links and/or the Save and Continue buttons within the website.
    • Using your browsers back button may cause you to be logged out of the system and lose your information.
  • Ensure you are saving your work as often as possible to avoid losing your information.
  • Use proper punctuation and standard capitalization (Jill Smith, 10 MainStreet, New York, NY) when entering data.
  • Be as detailed as possible when completing the form. Gather all information required, prior to beginning.
  • An asterisk (*) indicates required information.

Steps to complete the nomination

  1. Complete all nominator information.
  2. Complete student nomination data.
  3. Certify that all submitted information is correct.
  4. Review your data.
    • Carefully review your entire nomination before submission. Once the nomination is submitted, you may access the nomination to view or print only; no further additions or changes may be made. You will have opportunities to print a hard copy of your nomination to retain for your records at the Review Nomination step. (Do notsend a printed copy to Scholarship America.)
  5. Submit your nomination. You will receive confirmation of your submission via email. Included in the email will be the nomination ID# to save for future reference, and a link to a printable certificate to personalize if you’d like to recognize or congratulate your student for their volunteer activites.

If you have questions or issues while completing the nomination, please

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