Due 6/20 for Mondale Scholarship Program for Minnesota undergraduate students enrolled in Minnesota colleges and universities

Mondale Scholarship Program, 2016-2017 Academic Year APPLICATION GUIDELINES The Japan America Society of Minnesota (JASM) will award the Mondale Scholarship to Minnesota undergraduate students enrolled in Minnesota colleges and universities who want to broaden their knowledge of Japan through a combination of study and travel. JASM will offer up to $4,500 in scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year. The selection committee has the discretion to award up to four $1,000 scholarships or three $1,500 scholarships.

The awards are specifically to be used for travel to or within Japan before, during, or after the student’s specified term(s) of study. The application process consists of the completion and submission of the following items: 1. Application form 2. Official college/university transcript(s) from all institutions attended 3. Cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher 4. Two letters of recommendation. These letters should come from a faculty member or a member of the applicant’s community of residence who knows the applicant well and who can attest to the applicant’s desire to spend time studying and traveling in Japan. 5. An essay that addresses these questions: Why do you want to study and travel in Japan? What is your goal for this experience? How do you intend to use the scholarship dollars? The essay must be no longer than two double-spaced typewritten pages. 6. A copy of the letter of acceptance from the intended program of study in Japan. Deadline: Applications must be postmarked or emailed no later than Monday, June 20th , 2016. The selection committee will review all applications and select finalists for interviews. These interviews will be held between June 20th and Mid-July 2016. Applicants unable to participate in the interview process may be disqualified by the selection committee.

Please note: Applicants must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens currently enrolled at a Minnesota college or university. The awardees will be asked to provide quarterly written reports on their experience while in Japan and to make a personal appearance at a Japan America Society of Minnesota function during the semester after their travel is completed. Scholarship awards are generally not considered taxable income if used for tuition, books, or other similar educational expenses. Award recipients should consult with a tax advisor to understand their potential tax liability.



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