Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht

Deadline: 1 January 2014
Open to: international animation filmmakers of both feature and short films
Award: a Grand Prize will be appointed to the winner of the jury prize for each category


On 19-23 March 2014 the seventeenth international Holland Animation Film Festival will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The festival aims at bringing high-quality animation films to the attention of an adult audience, as well as stimulating screening of these films in cinemas and on television. The festival plans to achieve this goal by screening different types of animation, by organizing competitions and raising publicity for the medium.

The Holland Animation Film Festival 2014 organizes the following competitions:

  1. Competition features
  2. Competition shorts
  3. Competition Dutch animation
  4. Competition European student films


Eligibility criteria vary depending on the category:

  • Competition features. For the fourth time HAFF organizes an international competition for feature-length animation films. The competition is open for all animated films over 60 minutes.
  • Competition shorts. An international competition for short animation films with a maximum length of 60 minutes. The competition is open for all independently produced shorts and television specials or authors animation. The non-narrative section is open for experimental, abstract and cutting edge animation. Films selected for the shorts competition are also eligible for the MovieZone HAFF Award, with a jury of its own, consisting of three youngsters between sixteen and eighteen year old.
  • Competition Dutch animation. HAFF renewed its competition for Dutch animation in 2013. Previously a successful competition for the audience award, now a committed jury watches the contenders as well and grants an award for the best professional Dutch film. Besides the jury prizes an award will still be chosen by the festival audience as well for which student films can compete as well. The competition Dutch animation is open for all Dutch animated film productions such as commercials, promotional films, music videos, educational or information films, film or television leaders, television films, episodes from television series, independently produced films, student films, broadcast design and industrial films. The mixture of all genres in competition showcases an varied and interesting showcase of the finest Dutch animation.
  • Competition European student films. The competition for short European student films is open for all European student films with a maximum length of 60 minutes. Graduation films as well as films from other years’ courses can be submitted. The competition is open for films produced at European art schools and film schools. Films produced at schools from the following countries can be submitted for the competition for students: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland. Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Student films from countries outside of Europe can be entered for the international competition for shorts.


Grand Prize will be appointed to the winner of the jury prize for each category.


Subscription for these competitions has already begun. The deadline for entry forms and preview tapes is 1 January 2014. The number of entries is unlimited. However, for every entry a separate entry form must be completed. Incorrectly completed or unsigned entries can be excluded from participation.

The standard for screening during the festival will be films on 35mm, both picture and sound on the same support, DCP, digital video (Quicktime Animation Codec, Quicktime MOV ProRes LT). DCP screening copies should be available as non-encrypted DCP for all servers from 10-26 March and CPL should be mentioned (according to DCO norms). The standard norm for selection is DVD video and also a digital file. Note that DVD’s must be playable at universal DVD players. DVD or Bluray will not be supported as screening copy.

To apply a film for HAFF 2014 you need a MyHAFF account. If you already have a MyHAFF account, log on to your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can register now HERE.

The shipping costs to the festival are at the expense of the sender. The cost of return will be borne by the festival.

For further information please see the full regulations HERE and visit the official website HERE.

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