International Artist Residency Program, at Azerbaijan

Deadline: 30 November 2013
Open to: established fine art professional
Residency: flights, accommodation, materials, per diem covered


YARAT invites you to submit a proposal for the international artist residency program, located in Baku, Azerbaijan. The residency would be for 2 weeks during 2014 and the participants are asked to create a series of workshops, lectures or participatory activities for artists as part of their residency.

YARAT is a not-for-profit contemporary art organisation based in Azerbaijan. They curate exhibitions throughout the year, organise education events and support a group of artists through a gallery and participation in biennials around the world. YARAT are dedicated to nurturing an understanding of contemporary art in Azerbaijan and to creating a platform for Azerbaijani artists, both nationally and internationally.

There is a nascent contemporary art scene in Baku, with artists drawing from a rich cultural history as well as a growing contemporary art “infrastructure” in Central Asia. YARAT’s mission to educate means they are keen to draw on an ever wider audience of artistic input, and are actively seeking applicants for an on-going master class and workshop programme in Baku. They have so far arranged residencies for Jordan Baseman, RCA Head of Sculpture, Mark Dunhill, Dean of Art Central St Martins (Sculpture), Paul Coldwell, Professor of Fine Art (Printmaking), all of whom are heading out to Baku over the Autumn.


Ideally you will be an established fine art professional, with several years’ experience teaching both small and large groups of young artists, and a significant career as an artist. Russian language is not a pre-requisite but is very helpful.


Expenses covered include: flights, accommodation, materials, per diem. Further details are available on request.


To apply, please send a CV and initial cover letter (max 2 pages) to by 30 November 2013.

Please ensure your letter states clearly:

  • the week(s) you would like to come (we don’t recommend mid-summer, but otherwise any time in 2014)
  • the reason you are interested in this residency and in delivering a masterclass in Azerbaijan
  • outlined proposal(s) of the workshop(s), lectures or participatory events
  • outlined proposal(s) of the art you would like to make while in Azerbaijan, or if this is not possible, the aspects of our country that inspire you to make work.

Visit the official website HERE.

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