Study in Korea – run by Korea Government

NIIED, a division of the Ministry of Education, is a government organization with the aim
to develop and foster human resources in the age globalization and for the globalization of education in Korea.

Vision and Mission

  • Raising global leaders and supporting to spread the Korean education as an effect of popular Korean culture
    1. 1. Systematize the GKS international education exchange
    2. 2. Support overseas Korean education
    3. 3. Strengthen the spread of Korean language education
    4. 4. Perform administrative functions and support overseas students
    5. 5. Administrating the National English Ability Test NEAT)
    6. 6. Expanding support for foreign language studies in public schools

Institute for administrating Korea’s representative scholarship program

Inviting outstanding overseas students through the Global Korea Scholarship, supporting mathematics education
and helping students adjust to life in Korea in order to provide comfort to students studying in Korea

Institute for leading and supporting the education of overseas Koreans

Raising national identity in overseas Koreans and providing educational texts for overseas Koreans and supporting
Korean language studies through KOSNET in order to support foreign students’ ability to study at Korean universities

Spreading the usage of the Korean language through administrating Test of Proficiency in
Korean (TOPIK)

Spreading the usage of the Korean language through administering the Korean language ability test in Korea and
abroad for non-Korean residents

Leading institute for carrying out the exchange of international education

Supporting professional implementation of international exchange programs such as the Korean·Japanese students exchange
program, Korean·Japanese highschool student language exchange program and Korean·Chinese students
exchange program

Institute for supporting overseas students and managing overseas human resources

Executing ‘Study in Korea’, one of the Korean government’s top priority projects and establishing HURIK for efficient use of
outstanding human resources

Institute for administrating the National English Ability Test

Developing and implementing a national standardized English proficiency test to improve practical English communication
skills, and to be used for employment and overseas studies.

Institute for implementing the EPIK (English Program in Korea) and TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) programs

Selecting, supporting and operating orientation programs for English assistant teachers and TaLK scholars

Institute for enhancing customer satisfaction through consistent innovation

Accredited as the ‘2012 Top institute for Developing Human Resources in the Public Sector’ for consistent innovation in
organization, management of human resources and task performance for customers’ satisfaction.

Chosen as the top institute for educational training and designated as number 1 in 2012
for ‘Performance Based Organization Evaluation by Ministry of Public Administration and Security’



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