International Conference in Essen, Germany

Rethinking Barker

New economic perspectives on early life factors shaping later life outcomes

30 May-1 June 2014

Essen, Germany


Call for Papers

The Barker hypothesis has revolutionized our view of how different phases in life interact in the determination of health and socio-economic outcomes. There is substantial evidence showing that environmental conditions in utero and during early childhood can have large and sometimes surprising long-term effects. However, the implications for individual decisions and policy remain unclear. The conference aims at expanding our knowledge on these issues.

Papers on relevant topics should be sent in pdf format to by 28 February 2014.

Contributions from young researchers are encouraged.

There is no registration fee for the conference.

Examples of suitable topics

  • Economic evaluation of early life interventions in a life cycle perspective
  • The impact of early life health shocks on the development of cognitive abilities
  • Non-Cognitive and Psychosocial skills: their development over the life cycle
  • The role of health in the intergenerational transmission of socio-economic status
  • Nutrition and food insecurity
  • Scarring and selective mortality
  • Identification and estimation of dynamic complementarities
  • Structural modeling of child development
  • Parental investments

Invited Speakers

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