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Delegates Sarah Handler and Elizabeth Tang at the opening ceremony of the 57th Commission on the Status of Women.

SustainUS is now accepting applications to join the Agents of Change (AoC) youth delegation to the 58th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW-58), which will be held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City from March 10-21, 2014. CSW-58 will address the theme: “Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls.”

Selected delegates will have the opportunity to work with government officials, scientists, civil society representatives, and youth from around the world to review progress on issues related to gender equality and advancement of women. In the past, AoC delegates have presented case studies and policy statements on behalf of youth; participated in forums with fellow representatives of civil society; and met with government delegates, international organizations, and the US State Department.

Delegates are expected to contribute something unique to our efforts to take part in the international policymaking process and increase youth participation in the global arena. The delegation will especially benefit from delegates with grassroots and policy experience in gender equality, advancement of women, and youth issues. Young people with academic interests in the topics and organizing experience are also encouraged to apply. SustainUS is committed to selecting a skilled, diverse, and passionate delegation. CSW is a great way to become familiar with the UN, and we welcome newcomers!

AoC delegates will be expected to engage in substantial preparation in the months leading up to the Commission, which may include working with media outlets, giving community presentations, and personal fundraising. Delegates will be required to stay in regular email contact and take part in research and conference calls. The days during CSW-58 will be long yet fulfilling, as delegates will contribute to the delegationʼs goals as a team while taking initiative in their areas of interest.

The delegation will be assisted by delegation leaders Emilie Litsas and Sarah Handler, who are CSW veterans, and the Agents of Change program coordinators, Yi Wang and Alyssa Tsuchiya. The delegation leaders will organize sessions and support delegates in navigating and contributing meaningfully at CSW-58. SustainUS will also arrange for accreditation and assist delegates in finding housing in New York City.

Application Procedure

Access the application form with the button above, or hereApplications must be received by 5:00 pm EST on Sunday, January 19, 2014. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All applicants will be notified of the application results by late January, and the selected candidates will be required to confirm their participation shortly thereafter. If you have any questions, please contact AoC Coordinators Yi Wang and Alyssa Tsuchiya at

Online Q&A Session

SustainUS will hold one live application troubleshooting session for interested applicants on January 12, 2014 at 8 pm EST.

Instructions for joining the webinar:

1. Go to: and use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) – a headset is recommended. Or,

2. Call in using your telephone.
Dial +1 (773) 897-3000
Access Code: 650-103-629
Meeting ID: 650-103-629

Look forward to meeting you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SustainUS?

Founded in 2001, SustainUS is a nonpartisan, youth-run, volunteer-led organization advancing sustainable development and youth empowerment. Through proactive education, research, and advocacy at the policy-making and grassroots levels, we are building a future in which all people recognize the inherent equality and interdependence of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. We strive to reflect our values through the diversity of members and projects, our ongoing commitment to educating ourselves and others, and the way we live our lives.

What is Agents of Change?

Agents of Change is SustainUS’ largest national program. Agents of Change offers young people from all over the country to opportunity to take part in high-level meetings at the United Nations that directly affect the world that we as young people will inherit.

What is CSW?

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women is dedicated to promoting gender equality by identifying challenges and establishing standards for the social, economic, political, and civil rights of women. Member states and non-government representatives, including the SustainUS delegation, will share and evaluate experiences, lessons, and best practices, as well as identify key goals for further advancement of women. Meetings take place once per year, usually in March.

SustainUS has organized youth delegations to CSW since 2009, the 54th Session.

Who can apply?

  • Applicants are required to be between 13 and 26 as of March 2014. Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to CSW.
  • Applicants must be either (a) be a US citizen or (b) have studied or worked in the US for more than six months.
  • Applicants need not have previous experience with SustainUS or gender policy. We welcome newcomers!
  • Unfortunately, participation in the program requires accreditation from the United Nations, so we are unable to accept applications from undocumented youth.

When is the program?

CSW-58 takes place March 10–21, 2014. We expect selected delegates to attend the entirety of the conference, to the best of their ability.

Delegates are also expected to dedicate 1-5 hours of work per week preparing for CSW from late January until the conference.

Where is the program?

CSW-58 takes place in New York City at the United Nations Headquarters.

The preparation work for CSW will be done remotely via email and conference calls.

When is the application deadline?

Sunday, January 19, 2014. Please email with any questions, or to request a deadline extension.

What are the participation costs?

Participation in the Agents of Change program and CSW-58 is free! However, delegates must fund their own housing, food, and travel costs. Financial standing should not be a barrier to application or participation. The delegation leaders and Agents of Change Coordinators will support delegation members in fundraising, and scholarships are available for delegates from underrepresented background. Please email agents@sustainus.orgfor details.

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