Chance To Win The World’s Biggest Music Competition For Peace

Deadline: 28 February 2014
Open to: musicians from all over the world
Prize: Winner will receive the opening spot of MasterPeace in Concert Istanbul September 21st, 2014 along with flight* and accommodation expenses for this trip.


“My Music MasterPeace” competition gives musicians from all over the world, the chance to win being the opening act of MasterPeace in Concert – Istanbul on September 21st. the winner will be joining top international artists and performing at the MasterPeace mega concert, with World’s largest Orchestra in the world, ‘The Metropole’.


  • The Competition is open to musicians (individual artists and bands) of all nationalities.
  • The Competition accepts only songs that are related to broader concept for peace, tolerance, acceptance, harmony, social justice, human rights, equality, etc.
  • The Competition will reject any song that incites hate speech, violence, discrimination of any type, which rejection will be to the sole judgement of MasterPeace.
  • There are no restrictions on the age of entrants.
  • Each band/artist should be available to travel during September, 10th till September, 24th2014.
  • MasterPeace reserves the right to extend the submission phase or any phases if appropriate.
  • English Subtitling (for ALL submissions)
  • Performances may be submitted in any language; however, ALL performances must be subtitled in English, including programs originally produced in English.
  • Submissions without subtitling/captioning in English will be disqualified.


Winner will receive the opening spot of MasterPeace in Concert Istanbul September 21st, 2014 along with flight* and accommodation expenses for this trip.

All top 20 with the highest votes will receive invitations for MasterPeace in Concert – Istanbul. MasterPeace will be flying the winner to perform as the opening act of MasterPeace in Concert Istanbul September 21st, and join top artists and getting their music heard by millions.

*Economy Class


1- Submit original song that inspires action for peace/social change. Entries can focus on a range of different themes in peace-building, such as conflict resolution, cultural collaboration, non- violence etc.

2- All entered songs require a fusion of music with a video (graphic, clip, animation, pictures)

3- Music piece can be in any language however all must be subtitled in English (including originally produced in English).

4- Tracks may not contain any content that indicates violence, racism, intolerance, discrimination …etc, which will lead to rejection of the song and disqualification of the artist.

5- All entries can only be submitted through the MasterPeace platform, so you need to create a profile on this link (

This competition requires NO ENTRY FEE.

Competition Phases 

1- First Phase: Submission of original peace-related song(s)
Starts: December 1st, 2013     Submission Ends:  February 28th, 2014


2- Second Phase: MasterPeace verifies all entries
All accepted entries will be announced on March 31st, 2014 (e-mail confirmation) to enter third phase – public voting.


3- Third Phase: Public votes on their favorite song on
Voting Starts: April 1st, 2014                       Voting Ends: April 30th, 2014


4- Fourth Phase: Judges choose the winner of the My Music MasterPeace competition.
Winner announcement: May 15th, 2014

For any questions, enquires or requests,  please contact


For more details visit the official website HERE.

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