Feb 2nd, 2014 deadline for Camp Rising Sun 2014, USA

Deadline: 2 February 2014 for the United States, for  other countries may be earlier.
Open to: candidates with diverse talents and interests from different cultural, regional and economic backgrounds who have the potential to change their worlds.
Venue: June 28th – August 16th 2014, Rhinebeck, NY, 90 miles north of New York City.


CRS is not just a camp, there’s more to it. It’s an understanding, peaceful, comfort zone. Within its comfort, the program encouraged us to push boundaries and step out. – 2012 Camper. My life truly would not be the same if I had not met all of the wonderful people I did. Each of them taught me something, be it about another culture, a new language, or even about myself. – 2012 Camper . Camp Rising Sun is a seven week, full-scholarship program carefully designed to promote personal growth, leadership skills, a service ethic, and intercultural understanding. Operated by the Louis August Jonas Foundation, each summer the Program brings together a diverse group of extraordinary, highly motivated young men and women from the United States, and from more than twenty-five countries, selected for their character and leadership potential. The Program is held at two rural campus locations in Rhinebeck, NY, 90 miles north of New York City.The program at Camp Rising Sun is defined by four key goals:

  • Foster an appreciation of diversity and friendship across boundaries of color, religion, gender, culture and nationality.
  • Expand intellectual, artistic and cultural horizons.
  • Develop servant leadership that supports and motivates others.
  • Foster compassion for, and service to, others as essential to character.

Though the Clinton campus for young women, and the Red Hook campus for young men have separate facilities and staff, the core program experience is the same:

  • Instruction: Campers may join any of a menu of daily presentations offered by staff, alumni, guests, or other campers on subjects including: world affairs, personal growth, leadership, philosophy, ethics, cultural differences, music, art, drama, nutrition and fitness, nature and individual interests.
  • Project Time: Campers work each day in self-chosen, peer-led groups on projects designed to improve some aspect of the campus for succeeding generations. Different leadership styles are modeled and project management skills are practiced.
  • Evening Program: Often student planned and executed, these programs continue to serve the goals of developing mutual understanding as well as intellectual and artistic growth.
  • Team Work: Campers work together in peer-led teams to perform chores to address the daily operations of camp.
  • Outdoor Experience: Outdoor activities include hiking, camping trips, swimming, tennis, and international team sports.
  • Unstructured Time: Several hours of self-structured time are available each day during which campers can enjoy a  run, yoga, or a variety of sports, continue an instruction or project, cool-off in the pool, or walk and talk in small groups to promote cross-cultural understanding, personal and intellectual growth.
  • All-Camp Activity: This may be a political simulation event, a theatrical production, or some other activity that involves the whole community of campers.
  • Council: Each Saturday evening a Council takes place during which staff share life lessons and program leaders for the subsequent week are announced. Council is a non-religious though solemn event which encourages introspection, reflection and subsequent discussions.


The Louis August Jonas Foundation (LAJF) and Camp Rising Sun (CRS) have a long-held commitment to the principles of diversity, stemming from our mission. In that spirit, LAJF and CRS do not discriminate in violation of the law on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, sexual orientation, nation of origin, or gender.

Camper Application Information

Applications are now being accepted for Summer 2014!


Click here to begin your application.

You will also need:

  • Two required references using our Online Candidate Reference Form.  One reference must come from a school official (teacher, guidance counselor or principal) and the other from a non-family adult who knows the candidate outside the academic setting (extra-curricular activity leader, religious advisor,  coach, scoutmaster, etc.).
  • A transcript: This should provide a list of classes and the grades/results achieved or an explanation, signed by a school official, of why this information is not available. Interim grades are permitted. Transcripts should be uploaded into your application in the online system.


Applications will be accepted between now and, in most cases, February 2nd. All materials must be submitted by then.

Please note: In the following locations, the application deadline is different:

  • Iran: February 15th
  • Japan: Please contact the Foundation Office for information
  • South Korea: March 3rd

We can also accept applications via fax. To fax in your application, please download and use this PDF version.We highly recommend using the online system to ensure the receipt of your materials.


General Information
We seek candidates with diverse talents and interests from different cultural, regional and economic backgrounds who have the potential to change their worlds. Individuals who are a good fit with CRS tend to demonstrate:

  • LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: A history of taking initiative among one’s peers; self-confidence, openness and fairness in dealing with others; cooperation and collaboration when others lead.
  • CHARACTER: Honesty, compassion, integrity, a concern for humanity and an appreciation of the value of human diversity.
  • INDIVIDUALITY: A wide range of personal abilities and interests; creativity; divergent thinking.
  • INTELLECT: A capacity for academic achievement and the ability to think critically; curiosity about the world.
  • LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE: The ability and willingness to learn from mistakes; using feedback to improve and grow; gaining insight from new experiences.
  • CULTURAL REPRESENTATION: The ability to represent one’s local / regional culture. (The candidates should have lived at least 5 years in the region or country from which they are chosen.)


  Requirements for Candidates for Summer 2014:
  1. Birth date between June 1, 1998 and June 1, 2000.
  2. Available for the full seven-week season: June 28th – August 16th
  3. Competent in spoken English. English is essential for understanding safety instructions and for maximizing the benefit of the CRS experience. A brief telephone interview may be part of the application process.
  4. Must not be the child, grandchild or stepchild of any previous Camp Rising Sun participant.
  5. A full medical (physical and mental health) evaluation must be obtained prior to arrival. Candidates whose physical or mental health history would preclude full participation in our Program may be asked to withdraw their applications.

Camper selection is overseen by a Committee of alumni who collaborate with local alumni selectors around the world who maintain close relationships with target schools and youth programs. Candidates may also learn about the program from peers, our website, education journals, and many other sources.

You can see  photos of old camp, click here

Telephone: +1 212-686-1930
E-Mail: CRS2014@lajf.org

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