3/17/2014 deadline for Do a European Voluntary Service in ATRE, Romania!

Deadline: 17 March 2014
Open to: young motivated person 18-30 years old
Benefits: accommodation, food and pocket money, 90% of the travel costs, health insurance, visa


Asociatia Tineri Romani Europeni (A.T.R.E.), a local NGO from Bucharest, Romania is looking for volunteers. The project is called “S.M.A.R.T – Simply just Make A Romanian Trip“, and it’s going to start in  September 2014, for a 9 months period, until May 2015.

Nowadays Romanian youngsters are facing a series of problems that can affect them on long time perspective. Some of the problems that they are facing are:

  • youngsters don’t care much about the environment and are not taking any actions for preserving or cleaning it;
  • the youngster perception about European Union is very low and they don’t have good knowledge about the role of Romania as a member state, and also about their role in the society as European citizens;
  • most of the youngsters know very little about the other countries that are EU members and about other countries outside EU;
  • the gap between Roma youngsters and the other youngsters is very deep, both ethnics are manifesting low tolerance for the other, situation that should not exist in the “European Family”;
  • a lot of kids are left home only with their grandparents, because the parents are working outside Romania’s borders, a thing that has major repercussions in the youngster life, affecting them on a personal, social or educational level; etc.

Through this project the organisation will try to solve some of the problems that the youngsters are confronting with, by working with volunteers and developing a series of activities. The activities developed inside this project are going to be conducted on several plans: working in schools and high schools with youngsters, working in special schools with youngsters with disabilities (mobility problems, blind youngsters, hearing problems, etc.), art and culture work in institutions and centers that are working with youngsters (dance, theater, photography, organizing concerts, music, etc.), ecological campaigns, workshops, etc.


They are looking for volunteers who are:

  • 18-30 years old;
  • creative;
  • open to discover and willing to get involved in new experiences;
  • happy to work with young people (even kids of 13-17 years);
  • willing to make a difference;
  • willing to work in an international team.


The EVS project will cover the following costs:

  • Accommodation;
  • Food and pocket money;
  • 90% of the travel costs;
  • Health insurance;
  • Visa costs.


Interested candidates should send a CV and a letter of interest, describing what raised their interest in this project and how they consider that can bring a contribution to it. 17 March 2014 is the deadline for submitting the project for approval. Therefore, you are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later.

For more information related to the project please fell free to contact atre.bucuresti@gmail.com

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