Applying Now – U.S. Department of State Pathways Internship Experience Program (IEP) and the Internship Temporary Experience Program (ITEP)


We are accepting applications for the U.S. Department of State Pathways Internship Experience Program (IEP) and the Internship Temporary Experience Program (ITEP).

Visit USAJobs to start the online application process and search for the following vacancy announcement numbers.Please note the cutoff number for each position; once the cutoff number of applications has been received, subsequent submissions will not be reviewed.  Therefore, timely submission of applications is important.

IEP Grade Location Cutoff Announcement Number
GS-399 Office Automation/Clerical 1,2,3,4 Washington, D.C. 50 HRSC/PATH-2014-0049
GS-399 Office Automation/Clerical 5,7 Washington, D.C. 100 HRSC/PATH-2014-0053
ITEP Grade Location Cutoff Announcement Number
GS-299 Human Resources 5 Washington, D.C. 50 HRSC/PATH-2014-0054
GS-399 Program Analyst 5 New York, NY 50 HRSC/PATH-2014-0058

The Internship Experience Program (IEP) allows for non-temporary appointments that are expected to last the length of the academic program for which the intern is enrolled. IEP participants, while in the program, are eligible for noncompetitive promotions.

The Internship Temporary Experience Program (ITEP) places interns on temporary appointments not to exceed one year with the possibility of extensions in one-year increments. The temporary nature of ITEP allows for interns to work during seasonal and holiday breaks in academic programs. ITEP participants are ineligible for noncompetitive promotions. If an ITEP participant is qualified at a higher grade level, he/she must compete for the position via a USAJobs vacancy announcement.

Both programs allow for noncompetitive conversion into the competitive service following successful completion of all program requirements. Veteran’s preference applies. So consider a Pathways internship with the U.S. Department of State, witnessing and participating in the formulation and implementation of U.S. foreign policy, working closely with the U.S. diplomats and civil servants who carry out America’s foreign policy initiatives.

We appreciate your interest in a career with the U.S. Department of State.

Visit our forums if you have any questions, or to search for topics of interest. The forums can be found under Engage on the website. You can also search our FAQs for more information.

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