Scholarships: Boletín de Prensa IME-Becas // Press Release IME-Becas Fellowship Program

Please find attached the Press Release on the IME-Becas Fellowship Program. The Institute of Mexicans  Abroad (IME) through the Consulate of Mexico in Saint Paul will present on November 20th $103,200 in scholarship grants for Mexican or Mexican-American students in Minnesota. The eleven beneficiary institutions that will receive the award have pledged complementary funds that will increase the impact of the Program to more than $250,000 in scholarship grants that will be made available to 180 students for the 2014-2015 school cycle.


Please contact me should you have any query.





Mónica Cruz

Asuntos Comunitarios

Community Affairs


Consulado de México en Saint Paul

797 E 7th Street

Saint Paul, MN  55106

T 651.771.5494 x17

F 651.772.4419


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