The Intercultural Innovation Camp 2015

Deadline:  ongoing
Open to: Students older than 18 years old. Exceptions on request.
Venue: Siem Reap (Cambodia), Yogyakarta (Indonesia) or Tokyo (Japan)


Projects that empower are projects that have the ability inspire entire generations, even from one to the next.  It these kinds of course altering projects that have the power to change the course of whole groups of people, even entire cultures.

If you are a Highschool student, or attend University, and your desire is to be involved in the kinds of projects don’t just change your own life but have the ability to change those of the people around you, by working as a part of a team that is dedicated to discovering, learning from and achieving great things with, then we have the tools that you need to succeed.

Intercultural Innovation Camp

The iiCamp project was developed, and launched by, the YouCan Trust – a non profit organisation focused on the individual support of young adults.
Our unique summer camps offer young adults the chance to visit some of the most beautiful locations in the world, while providing the tools and support needed to develop intercultural competency – itself a vital tool in today’s increasingly interconnected world, which helps us to understand other cultures and how they interact, exchange ideas and communicate.

Being able to communicate effectively with those from ‘outside’ cultures is becoming ever more important, and not just for business; understanding how a local activity or event has an effect on the people living there can have a tremendous impact, and be a force for great good.

Programs, projects and highlights

In order to achieve this, and to provide once in a lifetime opportunities, iiCamp project themes change every single year. For example, a recent project in Cambodia involved the creation  Siem Reap map – which helped tourists find their way around safely and effectively, which in itself provided the local economy with a small, but needed, boost.

Past iiCamp attendees also helped develop a Khmer language application, helping locals and visitors communicate much effectively. You can find reviews of these, and other projects here
Highlights of our programs…

  • Comprehensive preparation, with expert supervision on location
  • Accommodation in a guest house
  • Daily group meetings
  • Define project goals together
  • Create and execute tasks
  • Day-tours (Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Borobodur in Indonesia, Kamakura in Japan, bicycle tours, dinner with local families and more…)
  • Mutually agreed free time activities
  • Daily feedback sessions
  • Deep insights into the culture of the host country
  • On request: International Competency Certificate
  • Internationally recognized by universities (internship)


No special skills are needed, except curiosity, motivation, positive attitude, willing to do something, smile


  • Cambodia: Duration 2 weeks to 3 months; EUR 750,00 for 2 weeks; Further week – each EUR 300,00
  • Indonesia: Duration 2 to 4 weeks; EUR 850,00 for 2 weeks; Further week, each EUR 350,00
  • Japan: Duration 2 to 4 weeks; EUR 950,00 for 2 weeks; Further – each EUR 400,00


There is no deadline for submissions.

In order to apply, register HERE.

For any questions which you might have please contact Inga Palme –

The official web-page.

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