International Youth Conference 2015 in Pakistan

Deadline:  20 February 2015 at 23:59 PST GMT+5
Open to: participants between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, linked to an organization or network, from all over the world
Venue: 25-30 May 2015, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan


The State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is a youthful state. After the catastrophic Earthquake in 2005, youth of this region has taken the challenge and actively engaged themselves in rebuilding and reorganizing the social structure and life with the cooperation of the international community. They have much to share with and learn from youth around the world on this ongoing journey.

Furthermore, the State of Jammu and Kashmir is known as heaven on earth. Azad Kashmir has a peaceful environment with extensive places of tourist interest to be seen. Azad Jammu and Kashmir, a peaceful, beautiful and full-of-nature place in the world, will also inspires the conference delegates to join hands together for humanity and harmony  while taking full advantage of the entertainment and tourism opportunity in the area.

Youth is more than half of the world’s total population. Youth is supposed to be the leading stakeholder of the planet earth in various aspects. At an individual level young people are playing an important role for development and progress in their communities with new and innovative ideas and practices and effective approaches to addressing issues. Collectively, youth, inspired with strong visions and equipped with relevant skills, can work together through participation and partnership to make a better world. To foster the cooperation, communication and to build strong relationship among the youth of this planet, Kashmir Youth Parliament is going to organize International Youth Conference 2015, Azad Kashmir, to offer a platform for youth as future leaders of the world to hone their leadership, diplomacy, cultural, intercultural communication, critical thinking and self-development skills.

IYC2015 aims to explore how full potential of the youth from around the world can be effectively utilized to collaborate for common goals of progress and development and to minimize the challenges and issues in variety of perspectives. Participants will develop the concepts and skills needed to positively impact their communities.

This conference brings together youth leaders and activists, and youth leaders from all over the world together to increase their awareness of youth rights and responsibilities, while also providing them opportunities to strengthen their leadership and diplomatic skills. Our goal is to empower youth by providing the tools and knowledge that will help them develop into future leaders who will instigate positive change in our world, and to start a dialogue on global challenges and their solutions to inspire, equip and connect youth to make a difference on the following leading topics:

  • Rights and responsibilities of the youth as global citizens
  • Youth participation in democracy
  • Cross cultural harmony and Peace development

The conference features a variety of activities such as:

The grand opening ceremony on the first evening, where cultural performance, introduction etc. government officials, diplomats, International media persons and Youth leaders will also join.

Plenary sessions, where highly experienced, known and appreciated speakers will be invited to contribute to discussions at the conference. To mention a few: Famous Journalists, professionals, youth experts; representatives from Kashmir Youth Parliament, ICRC, United Nations officials , Dignitaries from Pakistan Government, and many more.

Interactive workshops on the following topics:

  • Environmental protection and sustainable development
  • Youth participation in Democracy
  • Gender equality, and women empowerment
  • Developing youth leadership
  • Gender equality and women empowerment
  • Globalization and Youth
  • Gross-cultural communication

Cultural performances and Exhibition of cultural and traditional items, for delegates to share the beauty of their own culture and appreciate the cultural diversity represented the conference;

Drawing the declaration of the IYC 2015, Azad Kashmir;

Tree-planting for solidarity and sustainability. A plantation activity in which every delegate will plant a tree, attached with his/her tag name. We will send the picture of that plant every year to the delegate.

Visits to Kashmir Youth Parliament office and join the session of its Parliament.

Cultural excursion and City tour, including with a cultural evening with a dinner hosted by Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.



In order to be considered eligible to apply, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

Youth leaders from all the continents of the world with a wealth of experience in Youth NGOs and Voluntary Organizations, or with experience in youth activism and active citizenship and having a keen interest in youth empowerment and coordination with youth of Azad Kashmir aged between18-35.


There is no participation fee but participants have to pay for their own airfare and visa fee. All other costs on the ground, including food and accommodation and local transport, will be covered by IYC 2015.


The selection of the participants will be based on responses to essay questions regarding motivation as well as past and future involvement in issues to be tackled during the Conference.  In addition, the organizers will take a look at your professional and/or educational and/or volunteering background to see how it is positioning you in a way that would help you disseminate what you will learn. Also, the applicants’ level of English proficiency will play a role in the selection process. Lastly, balance in terms of region and gender will be respected in the final selection. Please fill in the online application form and submit it before the 20th February 2015 23:59 (PST). We will inform you about the results of the selection of participants on 30th February.

Please download this registration form and send

If you have any questions,  write to:

The official web-page.

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