Metropolitan Council in MN seeking Summer Interns

The Metropolitan Council’s Annual Internship Program offers a wide variety of opportunities to qualifying interns. Our program is designed to educate and mentor interns by providing professional on-the-job training and development. Participants of our internship program receive an hourly salary! Most interns work full-time during the summer, and some opportunities continue part-time through the school year.

The Metropolitan Council’s Urban Scholars Program is a 12-week internship and leadership development program starting May 26, 2015.  This program will provide students from diverse racial, ethnic, and/or low socio-economic backgrounds with distinctive professional experience focused on gaining essential leadership skills, and creating career pathways to positions of influence in public service.  In addition to completing projects as identified by participating Council departments (see available placements), students will participate in approximately 8 to 10 hours per week of leadership development activities such as public speaking, financial literacy, career guidance, networking, etc.  Urban Scholars will also serve as ambassadors to the communities by sharing their internship and transit-riding experience through blogs and journals.

To participate in these Council programs:
  • You must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education; and/or have been enrolled in a post-secondary educational program within the last 12 months.
  • You must be a citizen or national of the United States; a lawful, permanent resident; or have authorization to work in the United States. (Documentation to verify employment eligibility will be required at the time of employment.)
  • You must submit the Council’s online employment application at the time the program is open for recruitment.  Applicants must have a NeoGov applicant account (registration is free and easy). To create your account, go to – select “Sign In” and continue with “create account”.
~ Current opportunities are listed below and open for applicants to apply. ~

To receive email notice when programs are open for recruitment:

1.  Go to Job Classifications (see menu to the right).
2.  Choose the title “Intern” and select the link – email me when jobs like this become available.
3.  Complete the Job Interest Card and submit your request.


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  Position     Emp. Type     Salary     Closing Date  
2015 Intern-Light Rail Transit Ambassado… Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Marketing Assistant Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Office of Equal Opportunity … Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Police Office Support Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Police Records Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Program Evaluation Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Project Controls BPO Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Project Management (2 positi… Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Rail Operations Analyst Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Rail Operations Electronic P… Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Rail Quality Assurance Engin… Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Rail Vehicle Maintenance Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Regional Parks Policy & Rese… Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Research Analyst Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Retail Sales Operations Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Right of Way & Permits SPO Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Sales Operations Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Service Development Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Street Operations Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Structural Engineering SPO Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Supervisor Revenue Collectio… Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Sustainability Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-System Statement Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Training & Development Admin… Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15
2015 Intern-Transit Control Center Intern $15.50/Hour 02/27/15


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