Vacancy for Fulbright English Teaching Assistant

Program Description

An English Teaching Assistantship places recent college graduates in a classroom abroad to provide assistance to teachers of English who instruct non-native English speakers.  English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) help teach English language while serving as U.S. cultural ambassadors.  ETAs may also pursue individual study/research plans in addition to their teaching responsibilities. The program is fully funded by the State Department. ETAs are in-country for one academic year.

Host’s responsibilities

  1. The Host Institution shall identify and secure acceptable housing for the Fellow.  The rent will be paid by an ETA. Acceptable housing should include the following minimum features:
    •  Bedroom, including a bed and bedding
    •  Bathroom with toilet and bathing facilities
    •  Kitchen with stove, refrigerator, dishes, utensils, pots, and pans
    •  Heating, hot water, and a cooling system, i.e. a fan or air conditioner (Internet payment to be made by the ETA).
  2. The Host Institution shall provide both the US Embassy and the ETA a description of identified housing and, if possible, a photograph of its interior within four to six weeks before the expected arrival of the ETA.  If the required housing information is not provided four weeks prior to the ETA’s arrival, the Embassy reserves the right to terminate the ETA’s placement and reassign him/her to a different host institution.
  3. The Host Institution shall negotiate with the landlord and provide the ETA with the necessary housing documents that are required for the ETA’s timely registration with the State Migration Service.  Should the Host Institution fail to provide these documents, the Embassy reserves the right to terminate the ETA’s placement and reassign him/her to a different host institution.
  4. The Host Institution shall assist the ETA in completing all necessary legal registration with the State Migration Service (SMS), including securing all necessary forms and medical tests and, if requested by the ETA, accompanying the ETA on visits to Azerbaijani government offices and medical centers involved in the registration process.
  5. Prior to ETA’s arrival, the Host Institution shall designate a point of contact on its staff who is responsible for securing housing for the ETA, completing all ETA registration requirements upon arrival, arranging airport transfers for the ETA, and serving as a point of contact for any program-related questions that the ETA may need to ask.  This point of contact must be available by phone and e-mail starting two months before the ETA’s arrival and lasting until the ETA’s departure.
  6. The Host Institution shall work with the ETA to identify the ETA’s work load (not to exceed 20 classroom hours per week).
Please submit the completed request form to our English language program specialist Zulfiya Shirinova at by February 28, 2015. In the subject line please indicate the name of the program “Fulbright ETA 2015-16” and your institution.

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