Bakcell Smart Start İnternship Program 2015

“Bakcell” offers the “Smart Start” internship program for the young people, students and graduates aged 18-25,  who want to start their careers. By means of the “Smart Start” internship program, which facilitates the opportunities for moving from academic life towards a career, the interns will have an opportunity to undergo practical training in one of the largest companies of Azerbaijan, attend business ethics and career development trainings, and become familiar with the professional life at Bakcell.

Why did we create Smart Start Internship Program?

Thousands of young people want to start their career. Due to lack of basic experience and practice they are still jobless.

Taking this into consideration we launch Smart Start Internship Program to build a bridge between educational and professional worlds, to make it easier to transfer from academic life into a career.

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to give the opportunity to youngsters to:

  • develop their job-preparedness skills
  • get acquainted with business environment
  • gain practical experience

How will we select and allocate the candidates?

Selection process will consist of:

  • application form submission
  • testing and interviewing stages

All selected interns will:

  • participate in inductions and internal trainings
  • work in different areas all over the company

Note: Intern’s allocation will be done by Bakcell Human Resources department, based on intern’s skills and abilities.

What is the intern’s benefit?

The intern will:

  • obtain practical experience in one of the biggest companies of Azerbaijan
  • be coached on business ethics & career planning
  • get acquainted with Bakcell’s professional life

The department requesting an intern will assign a Mentor to:

  • support and encourage interns to manage their self-education
  • disclose intern’s potential
  • develop intern’s skills and improve performance

What are the terms of internship?

  • Internship will consider full-day occupation 5 days a week within 2 months – July, August.
  • Bakcell will pay fixed amount of burse to cover intern’s daily transportation and meal expenses.
  • At the end of internship program all participants will be assessed and granted letters confirming their participation in the project.

The stories of young persons who spent their 2014 summer holidays in a more exciting way thanks to interesting internship experience you can read from here : Smart Start 2014”  Internship Stories

How to apply?

Fill the application form and submit before 10.05.2015.

In order to apply, register HERE.


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