Vacancy for Internship Opportunity at UNDP in Baku, Azerbaijan

Your interest in undertaking an internship with the UNDP Office in Azerbaijan is acknowledged with great pleasure. We hope the below information will further stimulate your interest and encourage you to apply.

Objective of the Program

The internship should be beneficial both for the intern and the UNDP Office. The internship should familiarize the intern with the overall UN system and with its multidimensional activities in the country. The placement should further add practical knowledge and skills to the intern’s theoretical knowledge of international development issues. The UNDP Office will benefit from the academic knowledge, professional experience and personal skills of the interns. Interns often bring new, fresh ideas to the Office. Moreover, they contribute by making the Office re-think its own performance and procedures through the eyes of the interns.

Required Qualifications

Interns should possess, or be enrolled in a programme for obtaining, a university degree in communications, economic, political or social sciences, preferably in the field of development economics, international law, environmental studies, international relations or media studies. Interest in human development and human rights should be reflected in the curriculum vitae. Some work experience in the field of international cooperation, development assistance or humanitarian aid in their home countries or in the field would be an asset. Applicants should have a very good command of English and, ideally, knowledge of one of the local languages, Azerbaijani or Russian.

National interns (citizens of Azerbaijan) should be fluent in English and Azerbaijani.

No preference will be given to applicants based on their sex or country of origin. UNDP strives to give equal opportunity to applicants.


The internship programme is organized in three terms a year: autumn (September-December), winter (January-April) and summer (May-August) terms. In the application form, the applicant should indicate the preferred period during which he/she wishes to do the internship. For planning purposes, the Office will then determine whether the indicated preferences conform with programme needs.

Nature of Assignment

The intern will assist a staff member in the Office in research on different topics and in the execution of day-to-day business, in one of the areas of Economic Governance, Energy and Environment, or Good Governance. Links to the relevant generic Terms of Reference can be found below. The intern may be asked to perform any task indicated in the job description or designated by the supervisor. The intern will be involved to the greatest extent possible in substantive office activities. Interns could also make valuable contributions to specific or incidental activities such as congresses, exhibitions or workshops. A detailed job description will be given to the successful applicant for reference.


The intern will not be given responsibilities equal to staff members in the execution of tasks. No responsibilities may be transferred onto the intern. The supervising staff member bears ultimate responsibility for programme work, projects and supplementary activities.

Career opportunities with UNDP

The purpose of the Internship Programme is not to lead to further employment with UNDP but to complement an intern’s studies. However, a number of interns, having completed their studies and meeting the necessary requirements, have taken up proper assignments with UNDP or other United Nations agencies.

For additional information on internship opportunities in the UNDP Office in Azerbaijan please contact Ms. Ayshan Ahmadova, Focal Point for internships:

Please send your CVs and applications to

Application form


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