Youth4Education campaign at USA

Youth4Education campaign we just recently launched here at NYLC. It is a wonderful opportunity to fully engage young people’s voices in the making systemic change within their academic and civic community.

Applying for the Lead Activist grant allows the young person to attend our National Youth Leadership Training this summer (July 9-14), fully funded. They will also have the opportunity to attend our annual conference as well to demonstrate the work they’ve put into the campaign all year.

I hope you consider sharing this with your respective young leaders. We are particularly looking for young male leaders to support and participate in this effort. The extended deadline to apply is June 10th, 2015. Please visit our website to learn more:

My best,

Ah Vang-Lo

Programs Professional Development Manager

National Youth Leadership Council

1667 Snelling Avenue North, Suite D300

Saint Paul, MN 55108

PH 651-999-7362

FX 651-631-2955

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