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White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
E3! Ambassadors Program
Application for 2015-2016 Class

The E3! Ambassadors Program is a youth engagement program that discovers, develops, and defines a new generation of leaders committed to advocating for AAPIs. The E3! Ambassadors Program affords young leaders the opportunity to brainstorm and implement their own unique ideas to help improve the overall quality of life for AAPIs across the country.

Background and Information

In July 2014, the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) launched the E3! Ambassadors Program in order to “Educate, Engage, and Empower” young leaders to increase awareness and outreach around the following four issue areas: education,mental health, pathways to public service, and immigration.

E3! Ambassadors work to highlight key federal programs and resources in which AAPIs may be underserved.  Selected E3! Ambassadors are encouraged to conduct outreach within their campuses and communities – whether it’s setting up a table to share resources at a campus fair, facilitating a workshop during a conference, or even utilizing social media – with the goal of improving the quality of life and opportunity for young AAPIs.

The 2014 inaugural class of 31 E3! Ambassadors came from 29 different cities and hosted more than 55 events during the 2014-2015 year. Ambassadors hosted youth leadership-focused summits on campus, created panel discussions on a variety of topics, and organized conferences with agencies to target specific issues like bullying, immigration, and mental health.  Many ambassadors worked with their Regional Network in order to put on projects that pertained to one of the areas of focus.

E3! Ambassadors also organized watch parties for the Young Leaders Dialogues:

Read on for more background, information, and eligibility rules for the program.


To apply to be an E3! Ambassador, please submit your application to WhiteHouseAAPI@ed.govwith subject link “Application for 2015-2016 E3! Ambassador” no later than August 9, 2015 at 11:59pm ET. Please note that late applications may not be considered.

Applicant Requirements

SECTION 1: Cover Page

  • Name
  • School/Year OR Affiliation/Position
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Address for September 2015 – May 2016 (Please note your address for the duration of the program and indicate whether it’s your school, work, or home address)

SECTION 2: Leadership Statement (200 word limit)

Share why you are interested in this program and what about your background and leadership experiences make you particularity qualified to address the four aforementioned issue areas. Please limit to no more than 200 words.

SECTION 3: Capstone Project (550 word suggested limit)

Please craft an original, innovative plan to increase outreach and awareness within your campus or community around one of the following four issue areas: education, mental health, pathways to public service, and immigration.  Proposals should:

  • Include measurable goals and benchmarks.
  • Demonstrate the use of marketing techniques such as print, social media, etc.
  • Provide a foundation upon which future E3! Ambassadors can build.

We may not be able to fully consider plans that exceed 550 words.

Depending on the issue areas you want to focus on, some suggested topics you may want to address include the following:

  • Education: How can E3! Ambassadors spread awareness of education issues such as Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs), college affordability, and bullying prevention?
  • Mental Health: How can E3! Ambassadors highlight mental health issues within the AAPI community and ways in which young leaders can support their peers?
  • Pathways to Public Service: How can E3! Ambassadors promote various opportunities to enter public service through internships, federal jobs, and Presidential appointments?
  • Immigration: How can E3! Ambassadors raise awareness around the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) enrollment and renewal process and encourage their peers to apply?

Note: We are looking for applicants who are succinct and able to concisely outline their ideas. Given the time constraints for the E3! Ambassadors selection process, we may not be able to consider any application that provides responses that exceed the recommended word limits.

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WHIAAPI invites individuals between the ages of 18 to 30 years old at the time of application, and who reside within the U.S. or territories of the U.S., to apply. Federal employees are ineligible to apply.

E3! Ambassadors are encouraged to commit at least 10 hours a month working on tabling on campus or in community spaces, speaking at events, facilitating workshops, or conducting outreach via print/social media, etc. within their campus or community.  E3! Ambassadors will be expected to participate in conference call check-ins every other month, organize quarterly Young Leaders Dialogue watch parties, and lead a capstone project during the duration of the program. They should also expect to report back on their progress before/during the check-ins.

No more than 5 applicants will be selected per federal region:

Regional Network

  • Region 1/New England: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont
  • Region 2/New York-New Jersey: New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico
  • Region 3/Mid-Atlantic: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, DC
  • Region 4/Southeast: Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida
  • Region 5/Great Lakes: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota
  • Region 6/Southcentral: Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas
  • Region 7/Midwest: Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa
  • Region 8/Rocky Mountain: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota
  • Region 9/Northern California, Southwest, and Hawaii: California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Pacific Islands
  • Region 10/Pacific Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho

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  • July 9, 2015 – E3! Ambassadors Program 2015-2016 class application launched at White House AAPI Youth Forum
  • August 9, 2015 – Application Deadline
  • August-September 2015 – E3! Ambassadors Announced in White House Blog
  • September 2015 – E3! Ambassadors Inaugural Call
  • September-October 2015 – Back to School Events and Focus on Education
  • November-December 2015 – Focus on Mental Health
  • January-February 2016 – Focus on Pathways to Public Service
  • March-April 2016 – Focus on Immigration
  • May 2016 – Capstones completed
  • May 2016 – E3! Ambassadors Convening during AAPI Heritage Month in Washington, DC (dependent on available funding)

*Events/dates are subject to change.  E3! Ambassadors will also participate in conference call check-ins during the duration of their participation in the program.

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Judging Criteria

  • Educate, Engage and Empower (40%) – Articulate a plan to increase outreach and awareness around one of the following four issue areas: education, mental health, pathways to public service, or immigration, demonstrating your leadership ability and personal commitment to addressing these issues.
  • Measurability (20%) – Articulate a plan that includes measurable goals and benchmarks that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness and success of your plan.
  • Outreach (20%) – Articulate a creative outreach/community engagement plan that will demonstrate your use of different networks and marketing techniques such as print, social media, etc.
  • Sustainability (20%) – Articulate a plan that is sustainable and provides a foundation upon which future E3! Ambassadors can build.

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  • Up to 50 E3! Ambassadors will be selected (up to 5 from each federal region) and serve for one academic year from September 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016. For a list of the federal regions, see Eligibility.
  • The E3! Program (Challenge) does not include a monetary award.
  • Selected E3! Ambassadors will be announced in a White House blog in August 2015.
  • Selected E3! Ambassadors will be invited to convene in-person in Washington, DC or Seattle, WA (dependent on available funding).
  • E3! Ambassadors will receive a congratulatory letter from WHIAAPI Executive Director Kiran Ahuja and Deputy Director Jason Tengco.
  • E3! Ambassadors will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with WHIAAPI staff, members of the President’s Advisory Commission on AAPIs, and Regional Network, as well as other Administration officials.

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Terms and Conditions

By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to adhere to the terms below.

Please submit your application via:

  • Email attachment to with subject line “Application for 2015-2016 E3! Ambassador” OR
  • Mail a hard copy to the following address:White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
    RE: E3! Program Application
    550 12th Street SW
    Washington, DC 20202

Individuals with disabilities can obtain a copy of this notice in an accessible format (e.g., braille, large print, audiotape, or compact disc) by contacting the WHIAAPI office at (202) 245-6418.  If you use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) or a text telephone (TTY), and need other assistance please call the Federal Relay Service (FRS), toll free, at 1-800-877-8339, which can connect you with WHIAAPI.

Proposal Acceptance Period: Proposals will be accepted beginning on July 9, 2015 through August 9, 2015 (“Proposal Acceptance Period”).  We will consider only those applications that are received by the end of the Proposal Acceptance Period.

Expected Time Commitment:  E3! Ambassadors can expect to commit around 10 hours a month working on tabling, speaking at events, facilitating workshops, conducting outreach via print/social media, etc. within their campus or community.

Number of Entries: One entry may be submitted per applicant.

Finalist Selection and Notification:  Applications will be reviewed by a panel of reviewers, consisting of WHIAAPI staff. The decisions of the panel on all matters relating to the program are final. The Initiative will not consider any application that does not adhere to these guidelines or proposes a plan that would result in a violation of Federal law, regulation, or the policies of the U.S. Department of Education (ED) or the Initiative. Selected applicants will be notified via email.

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