East Japan Railway Company (Internship with paid traveling expenses)

East Japan Railway Company (Internship)

Type of business
Land Transportation
Work Country
Work Location
Tokyo, Japan

Corporate Data

As the largest railway company, the business of the East Japan Railway group is to provide people the transportation system, which has great significance on our customer’s everyday life and necessary for the society and the community. We would like to achieve the social responsibility through our businesses such as maintenance of railway safety and provide stable railway transportation services.

East Japan Railway group have its own principle: “Our aim is to achieve the social responsibility and the sustainable growth of our company as a `Group to make reliable life service`”. Based on this principle, we hope to continue to be the company that can meet the expectations from the society and the trust by stakeholder.

Stock Exchange Listings
Tokyo (First Section)
2-2-2 Yoyogi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
28.67 billion yen (consolidated)

Job Opportunities

Job Description
East Japan Railway Company (JR East) offers “Internship for Foreigners” to students of university (including graduate school), high-school and vocational school located in and outside of Japan. We look forward to hearing from students who are interested in Japanese railway companies or the business and technologies of JR East, and those who want to put their skills acquired from school into practice.

1. Number of Positions, Internship Period and Location
[Number of Positions] Limited
[Internship Period] Wednesday, July 20 ~ Thursday, July 28 (7 days excluding Saturday and Sunday)
[Location] Tokyo

2. Details
Interns will attend lectures at the first half of period, learning about the company, global vision, and technological innovation. For the other half of period, each intern will choose a specific field of interest and carry out related fieldwork. Interns will also have the opportunity to visit various facilities and sites.

Interns can choose their field of interest from the following list

1. Vehicles
Interns will observe the inspection, reparation and manufacturing processes of the vehicles to learn about their maintenance procedures and operational improvement.

2. Track Maintenance
Interns will participate in the examination of the maintenance procedures which conducts under particular condition of tracks though the inspection of tracks and structures, plans for their reparation, and supervision of construction work.

3. Civil Engineering
Interns will participate in the planning and supervision of construction as part of the whole construction cycle (renovation of terminals, construction of new lines and two-level crossing, etc.).
Interns have the opportunity to visit sites of on-going projects.

4. Construction
Interns will take part in designing, supervising, planning of station buildings.
Interns have the opportunity to visit sites of on-going project.

5. Electricity
Interns will observe the railway signaling system, energy (generation, distribution and transmission of electricity, electric equipment, etc.), telecommunication network and will participate in equipment management, examination of maintenance procedures, construction planning, and construction project design

6. Service Quality Control
Interns will learn how JR satisfies the customers’ demands and improve services through the introduction of supporting multiple languages and receiving feedback from customers and employees.

7. Sales and Tourism Strategy
Interns will learn about planning of sales strategies for the promotion for railway user and tourism businesses.

8. Life-style Service
Interns will learn about planning of business strategies for life-style services (retail sale, shopping center, hotel, and office, etc.) at stations.

9. IT/Suica Strategy
Interns will learn about planning of business strategies that utilizes ICT, credit card and Suica.
*The Suica is a prepaid e-money card for transportation and shopping.

Job Category
Tokyo, Japan
Foreign citizens enrolled in a four-year university, a master’s or doctoral program (including law school), or vocational school and courses.
Language Skills
English business level and above
Internship will be offered to foreign citizens enrolled in a four-year university, a master’s or doctoral program (including law school), or vocational school and courses. English business level and above is required.
Selection Process
[How to Apply]
Please firstly apply through TOP CAREER International(Please click “Apply” button above) and send your “Personal Information Form” to the following email address. If you are interested in more than one field, please write your first and second choices.

Please send the form to topcareer.international@4th-valley.com

[Application Materials]
Personal Information Form (Photo attached)

You can download “Personal Information Form” HERE

[After You Submit the Form]
After examining and screening the application forms, selected candidate will be invited to several interviews with TOP CAREER on Skype.

Additional Information
[Other Information]
・Interns will not be paid.
・Transportation expenses will be reimbursed by the company.
・A lunch stipend will be provided.
・Accommodations will be provided for those whose commute to the company will be more than 2 hours one-way, and those from abroad.
・Before beginning the internship, the interns will be required to sign the agreement to protect
confidential information.
・Application materials will not be returned.
・Personal information on the application form will be used only for internship selection,
internship preparation, and administrative procedures during the period. After these uses, the
company will be responsible for the disposal of the personal information.


Application Deadline
Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Interview Location

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