The International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising 2016

Deadline:  13 June 2016
Open to: young people around the world
Venue: 10-20 July 2016 in Transylvania, Romania


GYR 2016 is 10 days of intensive trainings, discussions, workshops and practical strategic planning with some of the leading organisations, activists, trainers and practitioners in the world covering peacebuildingconflict transformationyouth participation and empowerment and much, much more. The International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising 2016 will be held this year from July 10 – 20.

There is a special focus in this year’s International Youth Forum on key issues including:

  • Building a global solidarity movement and campaigns in our countries with the people of Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen to overcome and end the wars in those countries;
  • Building a solidarity movement with the people of Ukraine to help support efforts to end the war and division in Ukraine;
  • Linking together practitioners, activists, organisations and movements working to bring about a fundamental shift in how the world deals with conflicts, replacing war, violence and the global weapons industry with practical and effective means of handling conflicts;
  • Inner peace, resilience, leadership and cultivating peace within to empower, strengthen and support our engagement in often difficult and challenging contexts;
  • Introducing peace education into our schools and societies


Are you engaged in youth activism or peacebuilding? Do you want to meet inspiring people from around the world working for the same goals of peace and social justice?

The Global Youth Rising summer camp is aimed at young people already active as activists or peacebuilders aged 18-30, although older participants are welcome to apply. Our goal is to create as a diverse a group of participants as possible. We are hoping to draw youth from around the world working in many different fields of positive change.


We aim to keep costs as low as possible in the interests of making the camp as accessible as possible. Course contributions covering the entire 10 day programme, accommodation and food are:

  1. OECD participants: 500 EUR
  2. Non-OECD participants: 300 EUR

Camping (bring your own tent; we have beautiful spaces for camping, with access to showers, toilets, and food is still included): 200 EUR

Costs cover:

  • Transportation from Cluj-Napoca to the youth peace forum location;
  • Ten nights of accommodation at the camp (10th-20th July) – a bed in a shared room or a space for camping (depending on your fee)
  • Dinner on the 10th July, all meals from 11th-19th July (breakfast, lunch and dinner), breakfast on the 20th, and refreshments throughout the day;
  • All training and workshops, morning and evening activities;
  • One excursion from the camp (you will be able to select between hiking or white-water rafting).

Costs do not cover:

  • The costs of obtaining a visa to enter Romania (if applicable);
  • Transport to Cluj-Napoca;
  • Extra charge (+150 EUR) if you wish to have your own bedroom;
  • Any meals or accommodation outside the duration of the camp;
  • Any extra excursions that participants choose to partake in while at the camp;
  • Any extra snacks bought during the course dates;
  • Medical/travel insurance.

Organizations sending 3 or more participants can receive an additional 10% discount.

Funded placements

In order to make the summer camp as accessible as possible, it is our hope to be able to provide a number of funded or discounted placements for participants. At present, we are applying for funding that may allow us to offer 5-10 discounted or funded places to youth activists/peacebuilders, so please keep checking our website for more information.

It is possible that your organization or local organizations connected with peace-building might be willing to help fund your placement at the Global Youth Rising camp. If this is not possible, please contact us about how you can set up an online donation page and spread the word so that you can raise funds towards your trip!


For applicants requiring a visa to enter Romania, the application deadline has been extended to May 24th. For all other applicants, the application deadline is June 13th.

In order to apply, register HERE.

Alternatively, if you’d like to download a Word version of the application to fill in and send to, please click here to download it

The official web-page.


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