Scholarship to Study at German University

If you are interested in carrying out an independent study/research in Germany, please refer here: Research Grant

Highly qualified final year undergraduate students or those who have received an undergraduate degree of all disciplines may apply for the DAAD Study Scholarship for a full master’s degree program at a German university or for a study at a German university as part of a postgraduate or Master’s degree program completed in the home country.

Click here to search a database of international Master’s programs in Germany.

  • Students in their last year of undergraduate studies at an accredited US or Canadian university.
  • US or Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Foreign nationals who live in the USA or in Canada by the time of application deadline are eligible, if your last degree was obtained in the US/Canada, or you will have received a degree in the US/Canada before your scholarship starts. All other foreign nationals may need to apply via a different DAAD office.
  • Recent BA/BS or MA/MS graduates who completed their last degree no longer than 6 years ago.
  • US/Canadian students in the first year of a master’s degree program in Germany may apply to fund their second year.
  • Applicants may not have been living in Germany for more than 15 consecutive months by the time of application deadline.
Terms of Award
  • Monthly stipends are approximately €750. DAAD will cover health insurance and provide a flat rate subsidy for travel costs. In addition, limited funds are available for a rent subsidy and family allowance.
  • Please note DAAD scholarship recipients are not permitted to receive supplementary funding through any other German funding body. Supplementary funding from a non-German funding body may in some cases be permitted. However, they would then be treated as additional earnings, i.e. grants exceeding the tax-free income level in Germany (currently € 450 per month) would be deducted from the DAAD scholarship, unless the grant payments will be put on hold for the duration of your DAAD scholarship.
  • Study Scholarships are granted for one academic year with the possibility of a one-year extension for those wishing to complete a full degree program in Germany. Please note that the German academic year usually begins on October 1st.
  • If the degree program includes an additional study abroad (outside of Germany) lasting several months, funding for this period abroad is usually only possible under the following conditions:
    – The additional study visit is essential for achievement of the scholarship objective.
    – The additional study period is no longer than a quarter of the scholarship period. Longer periods cannot be funded, even partially.
    – The additional study period does not take place in applicant’s home country.
Application Guidelines for Artistic Fields
  • Deadline: October 31, 2016: Fine Art, Design, Film, Music, Architecture as well as Performing Arts (Drama, Direction, Dance, Choreography, etc.).
  • The DAAD online portal will close automatically at 11 PM Central European Time (5 PM EST/4PM CST/3PM MTN/2PM PST) on the deadline date.Applicants are advised to start the application process at least one week before the closing date.
  • Results will be announced on the portal by the end of March.

Please see :
Study Scholarship for in the Field of Music.
Study Scholarship for Performing Arts.
Study Scholarship for Fine Art, Film, Design/Visual Communication and Film
Study Scholarship for Architecture

Send your complete application (artistic fields only) to:

         Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service)
Referat ST 23
Kennedyallee 50
53175 Bonn

Application Guidelines for Graduates of All Disciplines
  • Deadline : November 4, 2016
  • The application is submitted online through the DAAD portal.
  •  In addition, you are required to mail 3 copies of the “Application summary” (PDF File), which is generated in the DAAD portal after the online application procedure has been completed.
  • The portal will close automatically at 11 PM Central European Time (5 PM EST/4PM CST/3PM MTN/2PM PST) on the deadline date. Applicants are advised to start the application process at least one week before the closing date.
  • Please ensure we receive the paper application no later than one week after the closing date (one-sided, not stapled). Your application is only complete when we have received both your electronic and paper application.

 1.     Check here if your University is a DAAD Partner University

  • At a DAAD Partner University: contact the DAAD campus coordinator, and submit your application to them; there may be an earlier university internal deadline. (if you miss your university’s deadline, you may alternatively submit  your application to DAAD New York) Please note this doesn’t apply to performing/visual artists.
  • Not at a DAAD Partner University: send your application directly to the DAAD New York office.

2.     Please refer to THIS APPLICATION CHECKLIST  to submit all required application materials before you enter the online portal.

 3.     Helpful links for the online portal

 4.      Are you ready? In order to register with the DAAD online portal to start your application, please go to the scholarship database and look for the Study Scholarships for Graduates of All Disciplines program. Select your status, your country of origin (please note that country of origin is in fact the country in which you are living and from where you are applying. Funding periods are restricted to the German academic year, which usually starts on October 1st. Funding is possible for programs lasting 10 to 24 months, depending on the length of the chosen study program

5.     Send your complete application (for all disciplines outside of artistic fields) to:

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
Study Scholarship
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

 6.    After you submit your application

  • Please DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL. You will receive an e-mail notification 8 weeks after the deadline.
  • Application decisions will not be accompanied with an explanation.
  • Applications remain with DAAD. Personal data of applicants and grantees will be stored electronically in DAAD’s files only to the extent necessary for the administration of the applications and scholarships in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act. Data will be provided to the respective International Student Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) for successful applicants where necessary in order to administer the scholarship and provide the scholarship holder with guidance services. Applications of unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed after one year.
  •  Results will be announced through the portal mid-April.
Still have Questions?
  • Check out the Manual for Personal Funding. On this site you can download manuals to assist with the personal funding section of the DAAD Portal.
  • If you seek technical support with the registration or the online application please email
  • If you have questions regarding the DAAD Study Scholarship, please contact (Kindly understand that questions already answered by information on DAAD’s website cannot be answered separately).
  • See here for Frequently Asked Questions

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