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Deadline: 16 February 2014
Open to: young students, researchers and professionals in the different fields of Cultural Heritage: chemistry, physics, biology, restoration, archaeology, architecture, etc.
Venue: 28-30 May 2014 , Agsu, Azerbaijan
YOCOCU (YOuth in COnservation of CUltural heritage) was born in 2008 with the aim to realize a network among young professionals and researchers, working in different fields of Cultural Heritage.
YOCOCU has soon become an extraordinary symbol of union where young students, researchers and professionals, ali animated by common goals, meet to tel! their own stories, to give their inputs to research and cultural growth in the different fields of Cultural Heritage: chemistry, physics, biology, restoration, archaeology, architecture.
 In YOCOCU young professionals, students and researchers are called to increase and strengthen their consciousness to be the main actors of the present and future society and the power for the development of new knowledge. This is the reason of YOCOCU: everyone works together for a collective interest and show this in a unique meeting, free and open to all.
 The past three editions (Rome 2008, Palermo 2010 and Antwerp 2012) have made YOCOCU a network for interdisciplinary and international collaborations.
Original papers addressing interesting and relevant topics of YOCOCU will be considered for the pubblication. Accepted papers will be published by The Periodico di Mineralogia (http://www.periodicodimineralogia.it/index.php/mineralogia).
The “Periodico” is an open access journal that covers all aspects of Mineralogy, Cristallography, Geochemistry, Ore deposits, Petrology, Volcanology, and applied topics on Environment, Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage.
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For questions:  info@yococu.com
Registration completed with payment by 22 February 2014:
  • 20 euro: undergraduate students
  • 40 euro: MIRAS, IA-CS and Younger Chemists – Group of SCI Members, Participants to past YOCOCUs
  • 60 euro: all others (non-Members and PhD students)
Registration completed with payment after 22 February 2014
  • 40 euro: undergraduate students
  • 65 euro: MIRAS, IA-CS and Younger Chemists – Group of SCI Members, Participants past YOCOCUs past
  • 90 euro: all others (non-Members and PhD students)
The fee includes the following:
Conference fee accommodation during the conference (offered by MIRAS) meals during the conference technical excursion social and cultural events transportation Baku – Agsu (bus/minivan)
We encourage work that introduces new ideas, methods and conceptualizations, research and understanding of the field, as well as analysis of both successes and failures. Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract:
 Abstracts can only be submitted online via the conference profile on our website; submissions by fax, post or email will not be considered. Go to the registration form
All abstracts must be written in English.
It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact in the abstract text will be reproduced as typed by the author.
Topics: 1-Metal, 2-Stone. 3-Glass and Ceramics, 4-Pigments and Paintings, 5-Organic materials and Textiles 6-Cultural and Educational Experiences, 7-Archaeology and Integrated studies
Author guidelines
Abstracts must describe in a succinct manner (max 1 page) the purposes and results of the research so that the quality, originality, and comprehensiveness of the work can be evaluated by the Conference Chairpersons. Each abstract should contain:
(a) a title which should be indicative of the content of the abstract;
(b) an introductory sentence indicating the purposes of the study;
(c) a brief description of pertinent experimental procedures;
(d) a summary of the new, unpublished data; and
(d) a statement of the conclusions.
Authors must accept sole responsibility for the statements in their abstracts.

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