The Tyumen Summer School 2014, Russia

Deadline:  15 June 2014
Open to: participants who are interested in intercultural communications, Russian culture and language.
Venue: 14-27 September 2014, Tyumen, Russia


The two-week Summer School will take place in Tyumen, Russia, on 14-27 September 2014. The Western Siberia today is a unique region where we can see the combination of the growing economy, the peculiarities of administrative and territorial organization and the indigenous cultures of the people populating it. The history of the Western Siberia which had started in the ancient times includes many stages – from the continuous exploring by the indigenous peoples till its inclusion into the political interests of the different medieval powers (as Golden Orda, Siberian khanstvo, Moscow Russia). Under modern times the Western Siberia was an outpost for the Russian colonization to the East. The new stage of the Western Siberia exploring began in the 1970s with oil and gas production. Today these mineral resources are the ground of the Siberian economy but the life of the region does not limit itself with that. The Western Siberia is a continuum of cross-roads of traditional culture of khantys, mansis, tatars with the cultures and customs of those who came to explore rich territories behind the Ural. This factor has been creating for many years the ground of interethnic and intercultural dialogue.

In that sense the idea of the summer school “Siberian Western: Life, History and Culture” is to give to its participants academic and practical experience in constructing their own image of the new territory on the example of Western Siberia by means of a gradual distancing behind frontiers and a well-known “locality”. The Western Siberia for Russia represents such a frontier. That is why within the summer school we offer a various group of methods to “moving” further to the Western Siberia: from academic lectures on human geography, history of Western Siberia exploration, sociology and even political studies of the region to workshops and “round-tables”, excursions and ethno-geographical expeditions. As a result participants should present their film about their image of Western Siberia.

The first part of the school will be dedicated to the educational ground which contains courses of the Russian languages for foreign students and the courses of the German one for Russian students, the academic lectures on different disciplines. The second part presumes practical learning through visiting suburbs and towns of indigenous people settlements, Museum of oil and gas production and Western Siberian Technopark, corporate field visits to enterprises and the tour to “Jugra” to Khanty-Mansiisk etc. and through attending workshops on movie production with the consultancy of university channel “Eurasion”. The last can help participants to make a group feedback of the school.

The target group of the summer school is young and active students who would like to get an experience of field-research, working in groups, intercultural communications, regional studies and social projecting. Taking part in the summer school participants can get the knowledge and practices on common research of history, culture and society of a region from many sides in order to create their own image of the Western Siberia and to give suggestions to its improvement. The summer school will take place during the 14-27 of September 2014. This time the participants will have a good opportunity to enter into the new educational year. Thus, they can get more full and comprehensive acknowledgement with students, lectures and life of Tyumen State University as well.


In order to be considered eligible to apply, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

Foreign students currently studying abroad or in Russia, who are interested in intercultural communications, Russian culture and language.

  • Language requirements: English (Intermediate), Russian (Elementray to Intermediate).
  • Age requirements: 18-30 years old
  • Number of students: min – 15, max – 20


670 € (including classes, handouts, accommodation, meals, cultural activities, bus transfers, visa support).

German students can apply for the DAAD grant. For more information please visit


Application must be sent to: Gulnara Aitova, Ph.D. :

Application includes:

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Medical insurance
  • CV
  • Motivation letter


Application deadline: June 15th, 2014

If you have any questions,  write to:

The official web-page.


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