8th International Summer Camp “Lessons of Liberty”

Deadline:  01 August 2014
Open to: interested participants
Venue: 21-27 August 2014, Hotel “Prima”, Ureki, Guria, Black Sea Resort in Georgia


New Economic School – Georgia stands for Individual Liberty, Personal Dignity and Private Property since 2001. New Economic School – Georgia organises 8th International Summer Camp “Lessons of Liberty” and it will take place at Hotel “Prima”, Ureki, Guria, Black Sea Resort in Georgia on 21 and 27 August 2014. Working language will be in English.

• The goal of the project is threefold: first, to identify theoretical role of an entrepreneur – lectures, second, to determine the influence of religion, history, culture, tradition, values on the image of an entrepreneur in countries of participants – working groups and debates, third, to design publicity campaign for facilitation of the spirit of entrepreneurship and image of entrepreneur as that of a creator and innovator among youth – group works;
• Preparation of publicity campaign. Groups will work on 1. Moto; 2. Design for outdoor advertisement and 3. Short video film;
• Students will form 10 groups of 5 participants. Each group will work on public campaign separately and present work before lecturer’s jury and other participants. Winners in each nomination will be prized. In addition, groups will organize social media campaigning via Facebook and winners will win another prize in each category.

  • NESG is nonprofit and nongovernmental society for dissemination of economic knowledge and common sense policy advocacy based in Tbilisi, Georgia;
  • NESG stands for individual liberty, personal responsibly and private property in order to improve world in which we live and make it just, diverse and comfortable for peaceful and prosperous living.
  • By dissemination of economic knowledge, NESG support’s intellectual emancipation of individuals and financial self-reliability of their businesses in order of full realization of their potential.
  • By influencing common sense in political decisions, NESG support’s economic and political liberties, entrepreneurship and openness of market for production and voluntary exchange.
  • NESG encourages students, young leaders, social decision-makers, politicians, businessmen, journalists, academics and others groups of society by refining their knowledge in political economy and public policy, undertake informed and responsible decisions in their activities.
  • NESG’s focuses on educational projects in form of seminars, conferences, public lectures, workshops, discussion, trainings, presentations, publications, social media; also promotes free market economic policy solutions and facilitates formation of favorable public opinion;
  • Since foundation NESG organized more than 400 hundred events (including of more than 120 international conferences and public lectures), translated and published 14 books;
  • NESG is an active member of many international networks, including of Economic Freedom of the World, World Taxpayers Association, ERBM, FMRS, Atlas Network and etc.:
  • NESG was awarded by Atlas Foundation for excellent performance several times.
•South Caucasus Office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Germany;
•International Society of Individual Liberty, USA.
• LTD Aversi-Pharma;
• IDS Borjomi;
• LTD Geoplant.
• Ruta Vainiene, Professional teacher and researcher, former president of Free Market Institute, Lithuania

• Ken Schoolland, President of ISIL, Member at Mont Pelerin Society, Professor at Hawaii Pacific University, USA;

• Christopher Lingle, Member at Mont Pelerin Society, Professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala, USA;

• Aleksandar Kokotovic, European Students for Liberty

• Hans van der Liet, Professional trainer, political commentator and journalist, The Netherlander;
(Amsterdam, 1969) obtained a law degree at the Free University in Amsterdam, specialising in international, civil and administrative law. He worked as a civil servant for the Dutch government 1993-1998, at the State’s Council and at the Ministry of Finance. After that, he worked as a lawyer in the financial services industry 1998-2013. He lived and worked in Switzerland for seven years and 1,5 years in the Dutch Caribbean. Since one year, he is employed in the hotel and leisure business.
He gives political training on various issues since 2009 and he was twice chairman of the local establishment of the christian-democrat party in Holland, CDA.
Mr Van der Liet is divorced and has no children

• Avigdor Jardeni, Associate fellow at New Economic School and entrepreneur, Israel;

• Paata Sheshelidze, President of New Economic School, Georgia;

• Gia Jandieri, Vice-president of New Economic School, Georgia;

• George Chkhikvadze, Senor Fellow at New Economic School, Georgia;

• Giorgi Chikovani, Senior Fellow at New Economic School, Georgia.


Participation fee: 150 USD which it includes full accommodation, meals, seminar materials and transportation from and to Tbilisi.
Requirements for participants: 

Candidates must sent CV and motivation letter to email: camp@nesgeorgia.org

Early applicants will have the advantage in selection process.

Deadline for applicants August 1. 2014.
Selected participants will be informed by August 4, 2014.

For additional information please contact:
Cell phone: +995 593 28 04 33
Email: camp@nesgeorgia.org


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