Think-Eat-Save Student Challenge

Deadline: 16 November 2014
Open to: all students at the secondary and university levels from any school worldwide
Award: up to US$ 5,000


Check out your pantry or your fridge and imagine just throwing away one third of all the food that is in there. Imagine throwing away one third of the food in your shopping cart after paying for it. Or picture all those lunch trays at your school and imagine one third of them being wasted. Food waste is a massive global problem that has negative humanitarian, environmental and financial implications and schools are a huge part of this story. For instance, in England, schools throw out some 123,000 tonnes of food a year, costing around £250 million a year. If you are an American student, you are responsible for 67 pounds of discarded lunch waste every school year.

Think-eat-save Student Challenge is calling all food waste warriors in high schools and universities worldwide to fight food waste and compete for thousands of dollars of prizes. Your task is to uncover how much food gets wasted in your schools, organize a team and take action to reduce food waste. Take action by launching a team project that will prevent or reduce food waste. Raise awareness among students and teachers to stop wasting food. Spread the word to all your friends on your social media networks. If they choose your project, your team or school will receive a cash prize to further support your initiative.


This competition is open to all students at the secondary and university levels from any school worldwide. To participate, students must undertake an activity or a project that will address any of the following:

  • Assess the level of food waste that is generated by the school and identify/understand the causes of this;
  • Generate an idea or ideas for eliminating or reducing food waste in their schools (for example, better planning, preparation, storage, consumption of the food in their cafeterias; recycling or redistribution of left-overs; etc.) and undertaking a project to implement at least one of these;
  • Raise awareness in their schools or communities on the issue of food waste and why it should be reduced and eventually eliminated.


Three winning projects will be selected and will receive cash prizes as follow:

  • First place: US$ 5,000;
  • Second place: US$ 3,000;
  • Third place: US$ 2,000;


You can start your application by registering on the official website by clicking the “dig in” option. Once you have undertaken your chosen project or activity, come back to your account and report on the results of your action for evaluation. The deadline to take the challenge is 16 November, 2014.

For more information please visit the official webpage.


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