Call for Participation: Short Stories on Identity, Research and Activism in Belgium

Deadline:  01 March 2015
Open to: researchers, activists
Venue: 16 March 2015, Leuven, Belgium


In a diverse society, the formation of identities and groups is subject to a continuing political struggle within public sphere. Identity serves as a source of political commitment, as a catalyst for political mobilisation, and/or as a subject of political conflicts. Identity creates shared interests, and as such makes them tangible. It is also a source of solidarity networks and cooperation, while the boundaries of what constitutes an identity continues to create an ongoing struggle of who belongs and who doesn’t. “The politics of identity” is therefore personal.

Also for scholars belonging to an (ethnical, cultural, sexual,…) minority, identity is a source of commitment. It inspires their research, it often becomes the subject of their research, but it also drives their political commitment. The intrinsic personal and political characteristics of such a research usually demands for a closer involvement by the researcher, not only to the research topic but also to the research subjects. Because of this involvement, it is not surprising that many scholars are (also) involved in political action.


This workshop wants to contribute to the broader societal debate on the combination of scientific research with political commitment by exchanging experiences and strategies between a diversity of people. As such, we hope to create a platform where people with different backgrounds could meet and get in touch.

The workshop therefore targets all researchers and/or activists, in Flanders/Belgium and abroad, who are dealing with the politics of identity in one way or another. More specifically, we would like to attract young researchers (PhD students, post-docs, …) as to reflect on the influence of their political commitment on their (academic) career, and vice versa. Not only could this advance knowledge on diversity issues, it could foster further critical reflections on the own university culture, and the place of a (young) researcher within this system.


Registration is free but required to plan catering


Please mail your idea to and before 15-01-2015.

There are no limitations concerning the format of your idea: textual, visual and audio- proposals are accepted. Creative presentations, personal experiences, methodological input and creative output are warmly welcome.

Each talk/story/presentation will last no longer than 10-15 minutes.
In order to register for the workshop and/or lecture, please or before 01-03-2015.

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