NewAge Painting Contest 2015

Deadline: 26 March 2015
Open to: senior students of 2014 academic year from Faculties of Education Department of Painting and Faculties of Fine Arts
Prize: US $10,000


The New Age painting contest aims to open new horizons for art lovers and to promote and support young artists. At the end of this first of a series of (traditionally) annual contests, achievement awards will be granted and artworks of significance will be displayed in an exhibition, further supporting the works of the young artists.


  • This contest is open to the senior students of 2014 academic year from Faculties of Education Department of Painting and Faculties of Fine Arts;
  • Each student to apply for the contest has to submit a document concerning his or her status as a senior class student;
  • Only artworks to be accepted will be oil on canvas and acrylic;
  • The long edge of the painting will be no more than 50 cm;
  • The artworks are not to be framed.


  • The winner will receive US $5,000 and will be given the New age figurine of bronze and Bilkent Sanat Sokağı will have a gallery to his or her name for one year, and one year worth painting materials;
  • Second place will receive  3000 ,own exhibition in Bilkent Sanat Sokağı for 21 days and one year worth painting materials;
  • Third place wins 2000 own exhibition in Bilkent Sanat Sokağı for 21 days and one year worth painting materials;
  • A catalogue of the best 200 artworks will be sent to 200 artists;


To apply use this application form and alongside the painting and other documents need to be sent to this postal address:
Bilkent Center
AVM 3/33 Bilkent/ Çankaya

For any questions you need to contact :

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