Meet the Brand New Rockstart Launchtrack, Powered by Tekwill Program to be held in Moldova


Launchtrack focuses on supporting entrepreneurs, typically first-time founders, with prototypes and ideas, aspiring to launch their product and get ready fora accelerator. The entrepreneurs will take part in a 60-day program (March 31—June 3) in Tekwill excellence center, in Chișinău, coming from across Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Central Asia.

The Launchtrack program is divided into four steps that reflect the most important stages of an early-stage startup’s development: problem validation, problem solution fit, global market potential, and investment ready. The stage names can be seen as milestones, which the teams have to achieve by the end of each period. A milestone is reached when a startup can show that it has completed every step required to move forward.Startups entering the program don’t have to give up any equity but are charged a fee of €250 per team. This amount can be waived for startups coming from less privileged backgrounds.



1. EQUITY FREE. The program, supported by USAID and SWEDEN allows you to validate and launch your startup without giving away part of your business (that means you are in a much better position when speaking with investors).

2. EXPERT SUPPORT. Rockstart experts with different skill sets will help you throughout the program, supporting you with the right knowledge and advice when validating and launching your business.

3. PERSONAL & TEAM DEVELOPMENT. The Launchtrack program includes a component focused on personal and team development. Find out your personal and team DNA. Not only your business has to grow. You need to evolve as well.

4. MENTORSHIP. ICT experts and business founders with different skill sets from a variety of backgrounds are involved in the program, supporting your team in the length of the program.

5. ACCESS TO ACCELERATION SELECTION. The Lauchtrack program is focussed on preparing you for driving traction, metrics and pitching your vision for acceleration and launch. By taking part in the program, you will increase your chances in being part of the Rockstart Accelerator programs as well as having a greater chance at succeeding in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

6. TEKWILL is where people, community, ideas, resources, science and industry meets to identify, facilitate and enhance excellence in information technology. In driving the Moldovan ecosystem, Tekwill will support you in further events and support than the program duration.

7. OFFICE SPACE. In the heart of the Technical University of Moldova (UTM), Tekwill is a 4,000m² hub that has everything you would need for your startup’s ongoing growth. TekwillICT Excellence Center offers co-working spaces, meeting and conference rooms, and tech labs (IoT, 3D printing). Here you will benefit from 24/7 working space, uniquely designed to help you formulate your idea, design an MVP, validate a market need, develop your investor pitch, and reach the milestones critical to your startup’s success.



  • Lean startup methodology
  • Early adopter identification
  • Experiment design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Mvp validation
  • Agile development
  • Key growth metrics
  • Global market understanding
  • Competitor analysis
  • Investment strategy
  • Pitching
  • Team development


We’re interested in startups that are creating the future, using promising new technologies (AI, Blockchain, sensors) to make a positive impact.
Focus areas include:

  • Artificial Intelligence, smart energy, digital health and web & mobile
  • Sharing economy concepts—to address the under-utilization of assets, marketplaces
  • Next generation energy—microgrid autonomy, renewable energy sharing, energy efficient automated homes and industries
  • 3D printing & automation—future of manufacturing
  • New financial, logistics & transportation services—creating efficiencies in the economy
  • Enterprise & development tools—tools for companies to get more work done, better, cheaper, higher quality, using deep learning and AI technology
  • Computer robotics and IoT security—increased connectivity leads to an increased risk of being hacked
  • Education—if you don’t learn, you don’t grow
  • Wildcard concepts—use novel initiatives to focus on big problems/inefficiencies in our society

RockstartLaunchtrack powered by Tekwill is organized with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sweden though Sida within “Moldova ICT Excellence Center Project”


Please apply here. Application due 17th of March 2017.
For more information please check:

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