City of Minneapolis Summer Intership

Urban Scholars is a leadership and professional development internship program providing students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds with distinctive professional experience. Focused on essential leadership skills and creating resume-building career pathways, Urban Scholars is training the next generation of leaders.

Urban Scholars is a twelve week paid internship and includes formal leadership and professional development training.

Attention – Students in USA – FAFSA training at 2/24

#AskFAFSA Office Hours Twitter Chat — February 24Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.38.54 PM

Join the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) for #AskFAFSA Office Hours on Twitter, Wednesday, February 24, 5-6 p.m. EDT.

Participants can start submitting questions on Monday, February 22, via tweets that include the hashtag #AskFAFSA. FSA will answer questions during the live event. Those who do not have a Twitter account can still watch the conversation live online. Those who cannot attend the live Q&A session can review the archived transcript on Storify on February 25.

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is the first step toward receiving federal aid for college, career school, or graduate school. FSA provides more than $150 billion in grants, work-study funds, and loans each year, but students must complete the FAFSA to determine if they can receive that money. Deadlines are approaching, so now is the time to submit the FAFSA.

Check out FSA’s full lineup of free webinars to help answer financial aid and FAFSA questions.

The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) 2016

Deadline: 8 April 2016, but depends on the country
Open to: International students from selected countries
Scholarship:  The full tuition is paid by NIIED, monthly allowance of 900,000 won, round-trip economy class ticket


The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) is designed for international students who wants to pursue higher education in Korean Universities.

Available Universities: 66 universities or institutions designated by NIIED:

Detailed information about the fields and majors offered by the listed eligible universities can be found in the University Information section on the GKS website.  Applicants must choose their desired fields of study from the listed programs in the University Information section provided by participating universities.

Night schools, Seasonal schools, and schools through Internet are not allowed.


  • Airfare: A round-trip economy class ticket
  • Monthly Allowance: 900,000 won(KRW) per month
  • Research Allowance: 210,000 won for students in human and social sciences; 240,000 won for students in natural and mechanic sciences per semester
  • Relocation (Settlement) Allowance: 200,000 won upon arrival
  • Language Training Fee : The full costs up to 1 year
  • Tuition: All admission fees are waived by the host institution. The full tuition is paid by NIIED.
  • Dissertation Printing Costs: 500,000 ~ 800,000 won for the costs related to a printing dissertation
  • Medical Insurance: 20,000 won per month(limited insurance coverage) will be provided to the university for students.
  • Special fund for students proficient in Korean language (TOPIK level 5 or 6): 100,000 won per month(Commencing from the main program)


  • Both applicant and his/her parents must be citizens of the foreign country.
  • Applicants cannot have Korean citizenship.
  • Applicants should be in good health, both mentally and physically, to stay in Korea for a long period of time.
  • Should be under 40 years of age as of 1 September 2016.
  • Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree as of August 31st, 2016.
  • Applicants who are enrolling or have already enrolled in the same academic program in Korea as the one they are applying for will not be admitted.
  • For Master’s program (or Integrated Master’s & Doctoral program): students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Bachelor’s degree
  • For Doctoral program: students who hold a Master’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Master’s degree.
  • Applicants who are expecting the adequate diploma should present their diploma by August 31st, 2016 before entry.
  • Should have a grade point average (G.P.A.) at least 2.64 on a 4.0 scale, 2.80 on a 4. 3 scale, 2.91 on a 4.5 scale or grades/marks/score of 80% or higher from the previous attended institution.
  • If the grade is difficult to convert to percentage, official explanatory documents from the attended university are required.

See the complete list of eligible countries at 2016 KGSP guidelines.


Applicants can apply for the scholarships through the Korean Embassy in their home country or a participating Korean University. See the websites of Korean Embassy (Consulate) in your own country or the  universities in Korea in which you want to study in.

The selection process for applicants will proceed in three steps:

  1. Firstly, applicants must be selected by the institution he or she is applying through (a Korean embassy, or a designated university).
  2. Secondly, applicants who passed the first round must be selected by the NIIED Selection Committee.
  3. Finally, applicants who passed the second round must gain admission from a university.

The application deadline is 8 April 2016.

It is important to read the scholarship guidelines and visit the official website for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or write to: or

The official web-page.

Imagine Peace Summer Camp 2016, Greece

Deadline:  1 March 2016
Open to: participants between the ages of 17 and 25 years old, linked to youth or community projects in their own community
Venue: 24–31 July 2016 in Ancient Olympia, Greece


The British Council along with the International Olympic Truce Centre and under the auspices of the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace, is organizing the Imagine Peace Summer Camp.

The Summer Camp will take place in International Olympic Academy Facilities in Ancient Olympia, Greece, from 24 July until 31 July 2016. Participants need to arrive in Athens on the 24th July and depart from Athens on the 31st July in the evening or 1st of August.

The overall aim of the Imagine Peace Summer Camp is to engage young people in interactive workshops and sport activities that promote the Olympic Values (Respect, Excellence and Friendship) as well as peace, intercultural dialogue and respect in diversity.


In order to be considered eligible to apply, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • between the ages of 17 and 25
  • able to communicate in English
  • available and fully committed to taking part in the Imagine Peace Summer Camp
  • involved in youth or community projects in their own community and be motivated to implement youth initiatives for peace building following the event
  • curious, open-minded and appreciative of diversity.


The assisted places scheme covers all programme costs within Greece including accommodation, meals and transport between Athens and Ancient Olympia.

Participants are expected to cover their own international travel costs to and from Athens and any related personal expenses.


Fifty participants from more than fifteen countries from around the world with different cultural and political backgrounds will come together for one week from 24 to 31 July 2016 in Ancient Olympia to take part in a series of educational workshops and sports activities that aim to promote equality and peace, and explore the role of sport in the peaceful resolution of conflict.

Participants will be divided into groups of up to seventeen people, which will be balanced in terms of gender and reflect the diversity of participants’ communities. A team of experienced facilitators, volunteers and Olympic champions will facilitate the programme. The deadline for the assisted places is until Tuesday, 01 March 2016, 23:59.

In order to apply, register HERE.

For further information, please contact: Eleni Senta via Email or Tania Vitsou via Email

The official web-page.

Excellence Fellowships at Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Deadline: 30 April 2016
Open to: students with outstanding academic records
Fellowship: up to CHF 32,000 based solely on the evaluation of the academic records of the candidates


EPFL offers a limited number of fellowships at the Master’s level to students with outstanding academic records. Some of the fellowships are financed by EPFL directly and others through partnerships with foundations or companies.

Applications can be filled online from mid-November to the 15 January, or from the 16 January to the 15 April. Candidates who need a visa are strongly advised to apply by the January deadline.


Anyone applying to an EPFL Master’s Program is eligible. The selection of candidates and the granting of the fellowships is done based solely on the evaluation of the academic records of the candidates.


  • External applications
Fellowships for those candidates include:
  1. CHF 16,000 per academic year (split into monthly payments), meaning;
  2. CHF 32,000 for a 2-years Master’s(120 credits);
  3. CHF 24,000 for a 1 1/2 year Master’s (90 credits);
  4. Reservation of a room in students accomodation.


  • Internal applications (EPFL bachelor’s degree)

Fellowships for those candidates include:

  1. CHF 10,000 (split into 2 payments);
  2. A certificate of excellence for the results obtained during their Bachelor’s.

How to apply?

Candidates should deliver their printed application to their section by 30 April 2016.

The application should contain:

  • recommendation letter from the section’s director;
  • CV;
  • motivation letter;
  • transcript of all grades obtained at EPFL.

For further information, please visit the official website.

International Fellowship Program at Japanese Association of University Women

Deadline: 31 March 2016
Open to: women students/researchers with higher than MA /its equivalent level (typically of pre-doctoral or dissertation level) education
Scholarship: YEN 700,000 to YEN 1,000,000 per grantee (approx. from 5,832 USD to 8,332 USD)


Japanese Association of University Women (JAUW) is now calling for applications for its 2016 International Fellowships. This program is to offer core funding to financially help you come and stay in Japan when you have found that it is preferable or very important for you to stay in Japan to further pursue your ongoing study/research.


  • Woman of any nationality but other than Japanese, living outside Japan at the time of application;
  • Have received a Master’s degree or its equivalent, and presently work outside academia, or you are a student/researcher higher than MA /its equivalent level (typically of pre-doctoral or dissertation level);
  • Postdoctoral researchers may apply but they may be placed lower in priority;
  • Have to find a host university or institution in Japan by yourself, and have to submit, at the time of application, a Letter of Acceptance from that host or from your prospective supervisor thereof;


  • The amount of grant will range from YEN 700,000 to YEN 1,000,000 per grantee (approx. from 5,832 USD to 8,332 USD);
  • The duration of the stay in Japan and various other factors will be taken into consideration in deciding the total amount of grant;
  • This grant is for 5 to 6 months between September 2016 and March 2017, depending on applicant’s proposal.

How to apply?

In order to apply you have to send five copies of each of the completed application forms (i.e. both part 1 and part 2), and all other application documents in one single packet via airmail to (applications sent by e-mail will not be accepted):

International Fellowship Committee
Japanese Association of University Women
11-6-101 Samoncho, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 160-0017,

More information on the official website.

MA programmes in Political Science from the University of Tartu 2016/2017

MA programmes in Political Science from the University of Tartu 2016/2017

We are pleased to announce the call for applications to MA programmes taught exclusively in English:

Tuition-waive rscholarships available on a competitive basis for all programmes! Scholarships decided based on admission results, all candidates are automatically considered.


Why study in Tartu, Estonia?

  • Estonia offers very good education at all levels. The University of Tartu belongs to the TOP 3% of the world’s best universities (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-16).
  • We are the centre for an international team of scholars and students working together in an English-speaking environment.
  • Our programmes offer various mobility opportunities – you can go on an exchange for a semester or a year in our numerous partner universities across the world, participate in summer or winter schools, do an internship, etc.
  • A degree from Estonia is great value for money: you will receive a high-quality European education at an affordable cost.
  • Estonia is safe, clean and dynamic. It has a modern infrastructure, such as e-government and free WiFi almost everywhere.
  • Tartu is a university town whose academic life has been historically linked with both Russia and Western Europe. It offers something to everyone: cozy bars and nightclubs in the centre, with nature parks and trails nearby, world-class culture and much more!
  • For additional reasons to consider Tartu and Estonia, click HERE


We welcome applications from all disciplines and backgrounds. All programmes combine comprehensive academic knowledge with training in core competences, preparing you for a career in the public as well as private sector or academia.


Begin building a great career and open yourself up to new experiences – applynow!


Application deadline: April 15, 2016
All information available at

Contact us:

Ms Oliivia Võrk, Coordinator

Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies

University of Tartu


Financial Literacy Workshop for Students in MN, USA

Help us spread the word and invite participants to our intro sessions for our financial coaching program, MONEY MENTORS.

Money Mentors is our free personalized financial coaching program that helps participants take action to reach their financial goals. We invite participants to attend an intro session where they will learn about a financial topic, the role of a financial coach and particpate in a financial coaching activity. All who attend a Money Mentors intro session are eligible to apply to work 1:1 with a volunteer financial coach for 6 or 12 months.

Upcoming intro sessions:


Tues., Feb. 23, 6 – 8:30 p.m.

Learn to work with your partner so differing money styles do not become a point of conflict. Learn the 5 most common arguments that couples have and suggestions for compromise, as well as tips to structure your family finances.



Sat., Feb. 27, 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Find out what financial aid options and student loans are available to fund higher education. Take away life skills for what to do once you have taken out the loans, and how to keep your head above water while managing debt.



Thurs., Mar. 3, 6 – 8:30 p.m.

Build a stronger credit score and enjoy the confidence of knowing how to do it. Learn the rules and myths of credit scoring. Gain a new attitude of confidence towards credit by knowing practical steps.


For more information, please visit

MEXT Japanese Studies Scholarship Application Now Open!

Monbukagakusho (MEXT), the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology offers four different scholarships for non-Japanese nationals wishing to study in Japan.


    ———US citizens living in other states should apply through the consulate responsible for their state. Non-US citizens should apply through the Japanese embassy in their country of citizenship. Please click here for a list of all embassies and consulates.


    • To read about other scholarships for non-Japanese to study in Japan, please see our links page

All MEXT Scholarship applications will be subject to a document screening after the appointed application deadline. Only those applicants who pass the document screening will be invited to the Consulate to sit for the interview and exams for their respective scholarship.

Please read the guidelines and FAQs listed below for the scholarship(s) you are interested in. If you need further assistance, please contact the JIC.

Japanese Studies APPLY NOW!
This scholarship offers undergraduate students majoring in Japanese language, Japanese affairs, or Japanese culture an opportunity to deepen their understandings through academic study at one of several universities in Japan. Please click here for FAQs related to this scholarship.
Deadline All applications must be received by Friday, February 26th, 2016
Interview & Test Date Monday, March 14, 2016
More Information English Guidelines: [PDF]
Japanese Guidelines Part 1: [PDF]
Application Form: [Word]
Health Form: [Word]
Course Guide Part 1: [PDF]
Course Guide Part 2: [PDF]
Course Guide Part 3: [PDF]