Apply for Coca Cola Full Scholarship , Study at Sabancı MBA, TURKEY!

Deadline: 5 June 2015
Open to: turkish and International students
Scholarship: tuition fee, dorm fee, monthly stipend, textbook costs,travel costs


Sabanci University, which is a non-profit, foundation university, provides merit-based scholarships to MBA students including international applicants.  Number of students receiving scholarships may change depending on the individual amounts. All scholarship requests should be submitted with the application documents during online application. Scholarship decisions are made after the documents in the application package are reviewed and the interview of the candidate is completed.  Although GMAT or GRE score is one of the primary criteria used in scholarship decisions, it is by no means the only criterion. For instance, a candidate who has very high GMAT or GRE score may not be accepted to the program if at the end of the interview the committee decides that he lacks a certain level of communication skills.  On the other hand, a candidate with an average GMAT or GRE score may be offered scholarship if s/he ranked first in her undergraduate class. Candidates are strongly encounraged to study for the GMAT or GRE examinations, since getting used to the types of questions is essential for getting high scores (just like in all standardized tests).

Sabanci University is happy to announce a very big scholarship opportunity for successful students who are planning to pursue their MBA degree. Candidates with a strong academic and Engineering background apply now for Sabancı MBA and catch the chance of getting the Coca Cola scholarship.


Turkish and International students who are planning to pursue their MBA degree at Sabancı University can apply.


Coca Cola scholarship gives you the full financial support during your education and guarantee your job after your graduation:

  • covering all the expenses including tuition fee, 
  • dorm fee, 
  • monthly stipend, 
  • textbook costs
  • travel costs from your home country

Successful program graduate will also be provided a compulsory summer internship and 2 years full time work at Coca Cola in the country of CCI’s choice.


The application process has three steps:

(1) Filling in the online application form : In order to fill-out the online application, applicants do not need to have all of their exam (GMAT, TOEFL etc.) results. To reach the online application system please click here.

(2) Sending the application package : The following application documents (hard-copy versions) must be sent

  • Signed on-line application affidavit: click here to download.
  • Copy of the Diploma (or graduation certificate if you have not graduated yet) from an undergraduate institution
  • A photograph
  • Transcripts for undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate studies
  • Detailed resume including specific information on work experience (work experience is not required but seen as an asset)
  • Two letters of recommendation (if possible, one academic and one professional recommendation are preferred) in signed and sealed envelopes. Click here to download the Recommendation Letter Form.
  • Statement of Purpose – A well-written statement describing your professional goals and reasons for pursuing an MBA degree at Sabancı University.
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores. Applicants should request their test score reports to be sent by ETS directly to Sabancı University (institution number 7100). To expedite the processing of your application, please attach an unofficial score report to your application file.  For detailed information about GMAT, please visit their web site at For detailed information about GRE, please visit their web site at GMAT and GRE scores older than five years are not accepted.
  • English Proficiency Exam Results: Any of the following language test results baring the minimum scores and which are within the validity period as indicated below. Photocopies are acceptable for application but original copies should be submitted during admission.

Students without above language test scores can take Sabancı University English Assessment Examination (ELAE) free of charge. For more information on ELAE, please visit

  • Application Procedure document: Click here to download.

The application package should be sent to (your application will be complete when we receive your application package):

Ms. Burcu Albayrak
Sabancı School of Management
Sabancı University
Orta Mah. Üniversite Cad. No:27
Orhanli, Tuzla 34956 Istanbul
phone: +90-216 483 9672

(3) Taking the interview :  The applicants meeting all the application requirements are invited for an interview. Under special circumstances a candidate may be invited for an interview even though some exam results are not in the application file yet. For instance, a candidate with an acceptable score in a language exam taken more than 2 years ago, or someone who studied at a university where the primary language of instruction is English, may be invited to an interview before a valid English proficiency exam result is available.

The official website or for further information about Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants, please like this page


New America Media is pleased to announce the 2015 Equal Voice

New America Media is pleased to announce the 2015 Equal Voice 

Journalism Fellowship and Scholarship

Funded by the Marguerite Casey Foundation, this offers a new opportunity for emerging and established journalists from ethnic and mainstream media who cover issues on poverty.

The fellowship aims to expand and increase the public’s understanding of poverty in the United States. Nearly 50 million Americans are struggling at or below the poverty line. That means there are 50 million stories to be told from different perspectives.

Journalists can apply for an Equal Voice Journalism Fellowship and write at least one in-depth story or a series of stories that illustrate how language, culture and race influence public attitudes and policy about the poor.

Selected journalists will receive a stipend of $2,250, plus up to $1,000 in travel reimbursement. College-enrolled student journalists may also apply for the Equal Voice Scholarship, which offers $500 and up to $800 for travel.

Now think about the best medium in which to tell your story: video, audio, photography, text/print, graphics — or multimedia. Find an outlet that will agree to publish/distribute your story.

Applicants will need:

1. An essay articulating your project/idea

2. Resume/List of positions, accomplishments and awards

3. Letter of commitment from a publisher/editor or support letter from campus media

4. A letter of recommendation

5. Permanent links to work samples/recent content you have produced

Deadline to submit your application is June 7th. No applications submitted after June 13, 2015, will be considered. Click here to access the application form.

Marguerite Casey Foundation is dedicated to creating a movement of working families advocating on their own behalf for change. They strive to bring humility and hope to their work. Their actions are guided by the firm belief that significant positive change is not only possibly, but absolutely necessary.

For more information on the fellowship, please contact Anthony Advincula at

You are receiving this e-mail because you opted in at our website, at a NAM event, or at an in-person meeting.

Our mailing address is:

New America Media

209 9th Street

Suite 200

San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

A Common Word Among the Youth – Fully Funded Programme

Deadline: 10 June 2015
Open to: young people aged 18-35 who are to promote religious and cultural harmony
Venue: 4 – 9 September 2015, Rabat, Morocco


Applications are now open for the ‘A Common Word Among the Youth’ (ACWAY) programme. This is an all-expenses paid programme that includes several training courses, two international conferences, civic activities, a TV documentary and the opportunity to be a part of a unique global network of young people. ‘A Common Word Among the Youth’ is a global initiative that will be led by young people, of different faiths to build bridges of co-existence by means of dialog and action. In ‘A Common Word Among the Youth’, the aim is to develop a multi-religious network of active youth who will deliver grass-root activities such that they become the agents of change for the coming generations.

The programme will consist of:

  • Selection and training of 100 young people from around the world representing the world’s major religions to become advocates of co-existence and religious harmony;
  • Two international conferences to provide opportunities for the young people to network and present their projects and activities to the international community;
  • Grass-root activities delivered by the young people on co-existence and inter-faith relations;
  • An online social media platform for the young people to interact and showcase their projects and activities.

In addition to the above the following pilot campaigns will be arranged:

  • A TV documentary with some of the young leaders involved highlighting the challenges and barriers to co-existence and some of the solutions;
  • A comprehensive media campaign on co-existence and cultural diversity, using TV, Radio, print media as well as social media.


To be eligible applicants have to meet following requirements:

  • Age between 18-35 (on 1st January 2015);
  • Regard oneself as being a follower/believer of one of the following religions;
    • Buddhism;
    • Christianity;
    • Hinduism;
    • Islam;
    • Judaism;
    • Any other religion not mentioned above;
  • Desire for promoting religious and cultural harmony;
  • Experience in community activism and/or inter-religious related activities;
  • An evidenced commitment to effecting positive change. This commitment can come in many forms; ranging from a high level of involvement in community initiatives to social entrepreneurship or from leading responsible business practices to public service;
  • Leadership ability;
  • Ability to generate and articulate impactful ideas;
  • Ability to work as part of a team with people from different backgrounds and religions;
  • Very good command of the English language (all elements of the programme will be conducted in English);
  • Prepared to travel abroad (to the Middle East/Europe/US);
  • Prepared to commit time to the project (attend the training courses, conferences, delivering campaigns and other project related activities). This would span over 12 months in your spare time taking into account your study and/or work commitments;
  • Happy to be included in photos and filming that could be used in social media as well as TV and print media.


The following costs will be covered by ACWAY:

  • Flights;
  • Visa;
  • Accommodation;
  • Food;
  • Airport transfers (as long as you arrive/depart on the specific dates);
  • Course material;
  • Activities/Visits.

How to apply?

The deadline for application is 10 June 2015. For successful application is necessary to register online and fill the Application form HERE. It is possible to nominate the candidate. For nomination please fill the Nomination form HERE.

For more information please follow the official website and FAQ section.

International Youth Conference 2015 in Pakistan

Deadline:  14 June 2015 at 23:59 PST GMT+5
Open to: participants between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, linked to an organization or network
Venue: 25 – 30 September 2015, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan


The State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is a youthful state. After the catastrophic Earthquake in 2005, youth of this region has taken the challenge and actively engaged themselves in rebuilding and reorganizing the social structure and life with the cooperation of the international community. They have much to share with and learn from youth around the world on this ongoing journey.

Furthermore, the State of Jammu and Kashmir is known as heaven on earth. Azad Kashmir has a peaceful environment with extensive places of tourist interest to be seen. Azad Jammu and Kashmir, a peaceful, beautiful and full-of-nature place in the world, will also inspires the conference delegates to join hands together for humanity and harmony  while taking full advantage of the entertainment and tourism opportunity in the area.

Youth is more than half of the world’s total population. Youth is supposed to be the leading stakeholder of the planet earth in various aspects. At an individual level young people are playing an important role for development and progress in their communities with new and innovative ideas and practices and effective approaches to addressing issues. Collectively, youth, inspired with strong visions and equipped with relevant skills, can work together through participation and partnership to make a better world. To foster the cooperation, communication and to build strong relationship among the youth of this planet, Kashmir Youth Parliament is going to organize International Youth Conference 2015, Azad Kashmir, to offer a platform for youth as future leaders of the world to hone their leadership, diplomacy, cultural, intercultural communication, critical thinking and self-development skills.

IYC2015 aims to explore how full potential of the youth from around the world can be effectively utilized to collaborate for common goals of progress and development and to minimize the challenges and issues in variety of perspectives. Participants will develop the concepts and skills needed to positively impact their communities.

This conference brings together youth leaders and activists, and youth leaders from all over the world together to increase their awareness of youth rights and responsibilities, while also providing them opportunities to strengthen their leadership and diplomatic skills. Our goal is to empower youth by providing the tools and knowledge that will help them develop into future leaders who will instigate positive change in our world, and to start a dialogue on global challenges and their solutions to inspire, equip and connect youth to make a difference on the following leading topics:

  • Rights and responsibilities of the youth as global citizens
  • Youth Development beyond 2015
  • Cross cultural harmony and Peace development

The conference features a variety of activities such as:

The grand opening ceremony on the first evening, where cultural performance, introduction etc. government officials, diplomats, International media persons and Youth leaders will also join.

Plenary sessions, where highly experienced, known and appreciated speakers will be invited to contribute to discussions at the conference. To mention a few: Famous Journalists, professionals, youth experts; representatives from Kashmir Youth Parliament, ICRC, United Nations officials , Dignitaries from Pakistan Government, and many more.

Interactive workshops on the following topics:

  • Environmental protection and sustainable development
  • Youth roles and responsibilities as a global citizen
  • Gender equality, and women empowerment
  • Developing youth leadership
  • Globalization and Youth
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Youth participation in Democracy

Cultural performances and Exhibition of cultural and traditional items, for delegates to share the beauty of their own culture and appreciate the cultural diversity represented the conference;

Drawing the declaration of the IYC 2015, Azad Kashmir;

Tree-planting for solidarity and sustainability. A plantation activity in which every delegate will plant a tree, attached with his/her tag name. We will send the picture of that plant every year to the delegate.

Visits to Kashmir Youth Parliament office and join the session of its Parliament.

Cultural excursion and City tour, including with a cultural evening with a dinner hosted by Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


Youth leaders from all the continents of the world with a wealth of experience in Youth NGOs and Voluntary Organizations, or with experience in youth activism and active citizenship and having a keen interest in youth empowerment and coordination with youth of Azad Kashmir aged between18-35.


There is no participation fee but participants have to pay for their own airfare and visa fee. All other costs on the ground, including food and accommodation and local transport, will be covered by IYC 2015.


The selection of the participants will be based on responses to essay questions regarding motivation as well as past and future involvement in issues to be tackled during the Conference.  In addition, the organizers will take a look at your professional and/or educational and/or volunteering background to see how it is positioning you in a way that would help you disseminate what you will learn. Also, the applicants’ level of English proficiency will play a role in the selection process. Lastly, balance in terms of region and gender will be respected in the final selection. Please fill in the online application form and submit it before the 14th June 2015 23:59 (PST). We will inform you about the results of the selection of participants on 05 July.

In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have any questions, write to

The official web-page.

Youth4Education campaign at USA

Youth4Education campaign we just recently launched here at NYLC. It is a wonderful opportunity to fully engage young people’s voices in the making systemic change within their academic and civic community.

Applying for the Lead Activist grant allows the young person to attend our National Youth Leadership Training this summer (July 9-14), fully funded. They will also have the opportunity to attend our annual conference as well to demonstrate the work they’ve put into the campaign all year.

I hope you consider sharing this with your respective young leaders. We are particularly looking for young male leaders to support and participate in this effort. The extended deadline to apply is June 10th, 2015. Please visit our website to learn more:

My best,

Ah Vang-Lo

Programs Professional Development Manager

National Youth Leadership Council

1667 Snelling Avenue North, Suite D300

Saint Paul, MN 55108

PH 651-999-7362

FX 651-631-2955

Call for Trainers for Training Course in Georgia

Creative Development Center is pleased to announce Call for Trainers for participation in ToT in facilitation of simulation games in frames of the project “Revising regional memory”. Training will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 10 – 14 June.
In the frames of our project, we plan to organize meeting for young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The meeting will serve as a platform for discussion on how decisions were made in Soviet Political system, and how inheritance affects our everyday life on different levels.
With ToT we want to give a chance to young trainers to gain new skills in facilitating and creating simulation games in theory and practice. The main goal of the project is to analyze how soviet past affects our socio-political systems and their development in the future in post-soviet Countries through use of the innovative non formal education methodologies, such as simulation games.
Project foresees different activities
In the first phase, we will invite 2 facilitators from each country to attend ToT in facilitating the simulation Game. ToT will consist of sessions on how to create simulation game how to facilitate it. On the meeting participants will also create working plan for the upcoming activities;
 Afterwards Local trainers will work online on creation of the simulation game together with invited expert and finally take part in regional meeting in Autumn.

All participants must be:
– Able to work independently in English
– Motivated to contribute to the seminar
– Available for the full duration of the event (ToT in June, Online work in July-August-September, Regional Meeting in the beginning of October)
Dates and venue:
The training course will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia from 10 to 14th June. All travel as well as accommodation costs will be covered by organizers. There is NO participation fee.
Working languages
The seminar will be held in English
Deadline for application:
All those who are interested to apply for the seminar are invited to send application pack by May 28, 2015 at pack should include:
 CV
 Cover letter describing your trainer experience and why you are interested in simulation games. 
All questions should be sent to
Results will be announced no later than June 1.
Project is supported by Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

2015 International Summer School in Czech Republic

Deadline:  as soon as possible
Open to: undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world
Venue: 13-18 July 2015 in Prague and Český Krumlov, Czech Republic


2015 International Summer School „Classical Liberalism in Philosophy, Economics and Politics“ organized jointly by the CEVRO Institute [school of legal and social studies], Ohio University and Florida State University, and in partnership with The Faculty of Social and Economic Studies, J. E. Purkyne University and Liberální Institut which will be held in Prague and Český Krumlov from 13 – 18 July 2015, is looking for participants.

Sessions and debates will focus on topics covering political philosphy, history, economics, and economic policy.

Classes in Prague: Monday – Wednesday

Classes in Český Krumlov:  Thursday – Saturday

Final Ceremony: Český Krumlov, Saturday

Full program available here.


The Summer School is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world, regardless of their major, who are interested in broadening and deepening their knowledge of classical liberalism and the fundamentals of the free market


US students:

Conference fee for US students is $1000 (includes housing, airfare, and a daily food allowance). Application form with instructions here.

Accommodation in Prague in Mosaichouse, in Cesky Krumlov in this beautiful small Pension Rosa.

Non-US students:

Conference fee for non-US students (European, Czech,  Slovak, African, Latin American…)  covering all sessions and coffee breaks, two nights in Český Krumlov and transfer from Prague to Český Krumlov and back, is 2.500 CZK/EUR 100

Non-US students have to find accommodation in Prague themselves. There is plenty of hotels/hostels in the center of Prague. If you need assistance, feel free to contact our travel agent Michaela. If you book the hotels through her, she can get you substantial discounts.

E-mail her at and mention the summer school.

Use PayPal for payment in EUR. Your PayPal transfer will be your registration for the summer seminar (make sure you enter your e-mail address when making the payment.)

For payment in CZK use bank transfer to Raiffeisenbank; Account no.: 2261283001



(Students of CEVRO Institute do not pay the fee – only 1000 CZK for accommodation in Český Krumlov – and can get credits for attending the summer school.)

For more information, registration and assistance please contact:

US students: Joshua Distel (

European students: Josef Šíma (; +420-777 069 323)

The official web-page.

Vacancy for Internship Opportunity at UNDP in Baku, Azerbaijan

Your interest in undertaking an internship with the UNDP Office in Azerbaijan is acknowledged with great pleasure. We hope the below information will further stimulate your interest and encourage you to apply.

Objective of the Program

The internship should be beneficial both for the intern and the UNDP Office. The internship should familiarize the intern with the overall UN system and with its multidimensional activities in the country. The placement should further add practical knowledge and skills to the intern’s theoretical knowledge of international development issues. The UNDP Office will benefit from the academic knowledge, professional experience and personal skills of the interns. Interns often bring new, fresh ideas to the Office. Moreover, they contribute by making the Office re-think its own performance and procedures through the eyes of the interns.

Required Qualifications

Interns should possess, or be enrolled in a programme for obtaining, a university degree in communications, economic, political or social sciences, preferably in the field of development economics, international law, environmental studies, international relations or media studies. Interest in human development and human rights should be reflected in the curriculum vitae. Some work experience in the field of international cooperation, development assistance or humanitarian aid in their home countries or in the field would be an asset. Applicants should have a very good command of English and, ideally, knowledge of one of the local languages, Azerbaijani or Russian.

National interns (citizens of Azerbaijan) should be fluent in English and Azerbaijani.

No preference will be given to applicants based on their sex or country of origin. UNDP strives to give equal opportunity to applicants.


The internship programme is organized in three terms a year: autumn (September-December), winter (January-April) and summer (May-August) terms. In the application form, the applicant should indicate the preferred period during which he/she wishes to do the internship. For planning purposes, the Office will then determine whether the indicated preferences conform with programme needs.

Nature of Assignment

The intern will assist a staff member in the Office in research on different topics and in the execution of day-to-day business, in one of the areas of Economic Governance, Energy and Environment, or Good Governance. Links to the relevant generic Terms of Reference can be found below. The intern may be asked to perform any task indicated in the job description or designated by the supervisor. The intern will be involved to the greatest extent possible in substantive office activities. Interns could also make valuable contributions to specific or incidental activities such as congresses, exhibitions or workshops. A detailed job description will be given to the successful applicant for reference.


The intern will not be given responsibilities equal to staff members in the execution of tasks. No responsibilities may be transferred onto the intern. The supervising staff member bears ultimate responsibility for programme work, projects and supplementary activities.

Career opportunities with UNDP

The purpose of the Internship Programme is not to lead to further employment with UNDP but to complement an intern’s studies. However, a number of interns, having completed their studies and meeting the necessary requirements, have taken up proper assignments with UNDP or other United Nations agencies.

For additional information on internship opportunities in the UNDP Office in Azerbaijan please contact Ms. Ayshan Ahmadova, Focal Point for internships:

Please send your CVs and applications to

Application form


Solidarity Academy Workshops for Young Journalists

Deadline: 7 June 2015
Open to: young journalists between the ages of 20 and 30 years old
Venue: 6-13 September 2015 in Gdańsk, Poland


The European Solidarity Centre, New Eastern Europe, and the Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship are organizing the 11th edition of the Solidarity Academy, an international educational project aimed at maintaining and developing the tradition of the Solidarity Movement. This year it will be held from 6th to 13th September 2015 in Gdańsk, gathering 16 young journalists who will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn new skills. The aim of this year’s Solidarity Academy is to raise awareness among young journalists about aspects of multiculturalism and solidarity with nations fighting for freedom as well as integrating
young contributors to New Eastern Europe and The Solidarity Academy will help to create a space for journalists from different backgrounds to meet, share and exchange experiences and initiatives.

Workshops will be both theoretical and practical. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in shared activities but they will be also divided into comfy groups and smaller teams during the journalistic task in Kaliningrad. The result of the journalistic workshops will be the final publication and the debate/panel discussion in Kaliningrad – fully prepared by the participants with the support of experts. The working language of the Solidarity Academy is English. One of the main goals of the project is to create a programme of Solidarity Academy Graduates which will allow the participants to maintain contact and engage together in other projects. That is why, this year, the former participants of previous editions of Solidarity Academy will participate in the workshops as facilitators and assistants.


The Solidarity Academy is open to international young journalists and writers.


The organizers will cover the costs of travel (up to 400 zł/100 €) and the participants’ stay in Gdańsk and all costs connected with the trip to Kaliningrad (including costs of visa).


Interested applicants must fill in the online application form available HERE.

The deadline to apply is 7 June 2015.

For additional information please contact


Working Abroad

Work Abroad

You have the rest of your life to work 9 to 5 every day. The next step in your journey should be something exciting, different and the most memorable time of your life. Why not earn up to $25 an hour while experiencing travel abroad?

Would you like to work abroad?

Submit details below and we will get in touch with you shortly!

  • Check All Locations of Interest

Who Qualifies:

Work Abroad Programs:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Work Abroad Info: