International Undergraduate Scholarships at Erasmus University in Netherlands, 2017/2018

Deadline:  15 February 2017
Open to: students from all non-EEA countries
Scholarship: approximately 6,900 euro


Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University offers scholarships for students from non-EEA countries who are not entitled to pay the EEA tuition fee, provided their grades are considered ‘excellent’. The scholarship will be provided in the form of a waiver from the non-EEA tuition fee.

The scholarship will be awarded for the first year of the IBA programme, provided excellence in previous education is proven. As the scholarship will only be awarded for the first year, students should be aware that they will need to have sufficient means to cover the study costs of the second and third year.

Excellence in previous education is proven if the grade point average achieved at secondary school (measured to date) is at least the equivalent of the Dutch grade of 8.0 on the Dutch grading scale 1 – 10. For prospective students who have also attended higher education after secondary education grades obtained in higher education will be considered as well. The RSM Scholarship Committee will decide on the local grade equivalents for the Dutch grade of 8.0 using (a.o.) the grade information included in the NUFFIC country modules.

Excellence in previous education is proven if the grade point average achieved at secondary school (measured to date) is at least the equivalent of the Dutch grade of 8.0 on the Dutch grading scale 1 – 10. For prospective students who have also attended higher education after secondary education grades obtained in higher education will be considered as well. The RSM Scholarship Committee will decide on the local grade equivalents for the Dutch grade of 8.0 using (a.o.) the grade information included in the NUFFIC country modules.


Application for the scholarship is open for prospective IBA students (thus, not currently enrolled students) starting their studies in 2017/2018 from all non-EEA countries, provided they would be charged the non-EEA tuition fee. The school may give preference to students with one of the following nationalities:

  • Brazilian
  • Russian
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Taiwanese / Korean / Filipino
  • Indonesian / Vietnamese / Thai
  • Iranian / Iraqi
  • Azerbaijani / Georgian
  • Turkish
  • African (all countries)
  • Mexican

Additionally, the school may strive for a certain distribution over the continents.

Only students who are not recipients of any other scholarships exceeding the amount of 5,000 euro in total in that same academic year can apply for the scholarship.


The scholarship takes the form of a waiver being the amount of money that will be subtracted from the full non-EEA tuition fee. The waiver fully covers the difference between the non-EEA tuition fee and the EEA tuition fee. You will always have to pay at least the statutory tuition fee.  For the scholarship, no actual transmission of money takes place. The scholarship part of the non-EEA tuition fee will be subtracted from the full non-EEA tuition fee before the start of the academic year, enabling you to immediately pay the reduced tuition fee; either at once or in instalments.

The amount of the scholarship for the academic year 2017/2018 is approximately 6,900 euro.

By accepting this scholarship you agree to assist the RSM Recruitment and Admissions Office in the role of an Ambassador with promotional and support activities for approximately 8 hours per month during the academic year.


When applying for the IBA programme in the online application form (OLAF) you will be asked to upload documents which will be used for evaluating your application. During this process you can also upload your scholarship application letter (maximum 1 A4 size page). The application letter should include the following information:

  • an explanation why you would need a scholarship, comprising a description of your financial situation;
  • an explanation why you would deserve a scholarship, comprising a description of academic excellence and if applicable other merits.
  • if applicable: certified copies of other scholarships granted;
  • a signed statement indicating that other scholarships awarded do not exceed the amount of 5,000 euro in total;
  • the following documents are not required if you have already uploaded these for admission to the IBA programme: certified copies of the secondary education academic transcript (certified list of grades), and if applicable certified copies of transcripts from a higher education institution: to date, as available at the moment of application (normally already part of your application package).

    Note: Candidates who have fulfilled all the minimum requirements before 1 March will be given priority.

The decisions on the award of the scholarship will be made by the RSM Scholarship Committee.  This scholarship committee will determine award recipient(s) on 15 April 2017.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or can be contacted  through  contact form.

The official web-page.

Call for Applications for the 2017–2018 Community Solutions Program (CSP)

Deadline:  18 November 2016, at 12 p.m. EST.
Open to: participants between the ages of 25 and 38 as of January 1, 2017;
Scholarship: J-1 visa support; Round-trip travel from participants’ home city to the US; Monthly allowance to cover housing, meals and other living expenses while in the US; and Accident and sickness insurance.


The Community Solutions Program (CSP) is a year-long professional development program for people who are working to improve their communities by addressing issues related to the environment, tolerance and conflict resolution, transparency and accountability, and women and gender. For 2017–2018, up to 100 community activists will be selected to participate in the program, which includes:

  • Fellowship in the United States: Fellows are matched to host organizations throughout the US where they complete a four-month hands-on professional experience.
  • Community Leadership Institute: Fellows participate in the Community Leadership Institute, a leadership training program designed to strengthen their leadership and management skills. The Institute includes face-to-face trainings, online courses, professional coaching, and networking.
  • Community-based initiatives: While in the US and with the help of their US host organization, fellows design and plan a community development initiative or project to carry out after they return home. Once the fellows depart the US, they put these projects into action in their home communities.


To be eligible for the program, applicants must meet the requirements listed below. Applications that do not meet these eligibility requirements will be disqualified and will not be reviewed by the selection committee.

  • You are between the ages of 25 and 38 as of January 1, 2017;
  • You are a citizen of one of the eligible countries listed below;
  • You are living and working in your home country;
    • Individuals with refugee status working on behalf of their home community may be given special consideration.
  • You have at least two years of experience working on community development, either as a full-time or part-time employee or volunteer;
  • You have a high level of proficiency in spoken and written English at the time of application;
  • Semifinalists will be required to take or submit recent scores for a TOEFL or IELTS English language test.
  • You are available to travel to the US for four months from August to December 2017;
  • You are not a citizen or permanent resident of the US and have not applied for US permanent residency within the past three years;
  • Applicants who have participated in an exchange program sponsored by the US Government must have fulfilled their two-year home residency requirement.
  • You are eligible to receive a US J-1 visa;
  • You are not currently participating in an academic, training, or research program in the US;
  • You are committed to returning to your home country for a minimum of two years after completing the program; and
  • You are not a current IREX employee or consultant, or their immediate family member.

Eligible countries by region

  • Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
  • East Asia and the Pacific: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • Europe: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine.
  • Middle East and North Africa: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and West Bank/Palestinian Territories.
  • South and Central Asia: Bangladesh, Burma, Maldives, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.
  • Western Hemisphere: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uruguay.

Financial Support

  • The program covers the cost of most expenses associated with:
  • J-1 visa support;
  • Round-trip travel from participants’ home city to the US;
  • Monthly allowance to cover housing, meals and other living expenses while in the US;
  • Accident and sickness insurance.


Applications must be submitted online at by Friday, November 18, 2016, at 12 p.m. EST. Applications that are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed will not be accepted.

Detailed application instructions can be downloaded here.

In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail

The official web-page.

The Global Change Leaders 2017 in Canada

Deadline:  15 November 2016
Open to: emerging women leaders from developing countries
Scholarship: Full funded ( the cost of economy-class travel, tuition, room and board)


Established in 2011, the Global Change Leaders Program is a seven-week education program offered by Coady Institute’s International Centre for Women’s Leadership. This program enables women from developing countries to strengthen their leadership capacities in order to contribute to innovation and change in their organizations and communities. Program participants engage in learning grounded in real world experiences and focused on Coady’s core thematic areas. Through a shared learning environment with other emerging women leaders from around the world, participants are exposed to a range of experiences and the beginnings of a potentially lifelong network of support.

The Global Change Leaders program provides successful candidates with a full scholarship that includes tuition, travel, accommodations, and meals. Successful participants are responsible for costs pertaining to acquiring a visa to enter Canada.

Program participants benefit from the guidance and mentorship of accomplished women leaders from around the world. The program is led by a core team of staff in the International Centre for Women’s Leadership and supported by other Coady faculty and associates.

For 2017, the Global Change Leaders Program consists of two main components:

1. July 17 – September 1, 2017:  A seven week on-site intensive course at the Coady International Institute in Antigonish, Nova Scotia where a collaborative relationship is fostered among facilitators and participants to draw out lessons and insights from their rich and diverse experiences. This consists of:
a) A foundation module, in which participants focus on leadership theories and essential competencies, analysis of gender, citizenship and power, practical understandings of these concepts and their application for women leaders within their own contexts, strengthening capacities for social innovations, partnership building in a multi-stakeholder environment, and enhancing abilities to realize citizen-driven asset-based development.
b) A focus on gendered approaches for social, political and economic empowerment and community development, including addressing legitimacy and accountability in governance structures, building resilient communities and strengthening inclusive economies.
c) A final module, in which participants articulate an action plan for how they will take their new learning home to provide leadership in their organizations and communities and continue to work towards empowering other women moving forward.
2. September 30, 2017 – March 31, 2018: Participants will benefit from one-on-one mentoring from experienced women leaders upon their return home for up to six months to follow on the application of learning into practice. Mentors and mentees will be matched during the residency period based on specific needs and geographic locations. Participants will also join a global alumnae network of women leaders


This program is targeted to emerging women leaders from developing countries who are working on development issues. These are women who:

  • Possess a minimum of five years of demonstrated leadership experience in a social or economic development endeavor in sectors such as livelihoods or inclusive economic development, food security, environment, access to education and health care, governance, political engagement of women and the rights of girls and women;
  • Will be immediately returning to their community and sector following the program to put their learning into practice;
  • Have great drive and passion for their work, demonstrated through their outstanding contributions in their organizations and communities;·
  • Are practitioners in civil society organizations including community based organizations and not for profits, or active in public or private institutions, donor/philanthropic agencies, social movements or in a social enterprise/business;
  • Hold a university degree or a combination of post-secondary education and experience; and
  • Have strong oral and written English language competencies.

Candidates must be from a country eligible for Official Development Assistance.


The Coady International Institute offers a range of full and partial scholarships.

Thanks to the generous financial support of Global Affairs Canada, as well as a number of individual and institutional donors, the Coady International Institute is able to offer partial scholarships to most candidates accepted into the Institute’s training programs. Specific scholarships are available through The MasterCard Foundation Microfinance Scholars Program for certificates in the Coady Institute’s Community-Based Microfinance and Livelihoods and Markets.

The Institute is rarely able to provide 100% scholarship. A limited number of travel awards may be allocated each year for the Diploma in Development Leadership Program. When completing the application form applicants will be asked if they wish to be considered for a scholarship and how they intend to cover the remaining costs of the program such as travel, visa application and fees not covered by a scholarship. Once a candidate is accepted into a Coady program, s/he will be informed of the level of scholarship support offered as well as the balance of costs for which the candidate is responsible.


You must provide detailed and complete answers to the questions in this application. It is important that the information you provide can be verified by our Admissions Team.

Completing the six page application form requires up-to-date information regarding:

  • Your current employment and relevant volunteer work and education
  • Your sponsor organization including annual report and organization chart
  • Names and contact information for two referees who can attest to your eligibility for the program(s) you are applying for

If you  have not completed your education in English, you will be asked to provide proof of your ability to speak, write, and read English.

Depending on the program, you may be asked to participate in a Skype interview.

If travel to Canada is necessary to attend a program, it is your responsibility to apply for a visa.

We are not able to process incomplete applications. Applications are not complete until two references have been received.

When you save a partially completed form, you will be required to provide a username and password. An email will be sent to the email address that you provide. Please check your email system carefully in case the email from us is stuck in your junk or spam folder.

To return to your application click the link in the email and enter the username and password you created.

You can create only one application with your email address. Please do NOT create a second application using a different email address. We contact you using your email address, and if you provide more than one, we need to find and combine both of your applications, which can slow the processing time.

In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or write to:

The official web-page.

Call for Applications: The UWC Short Course Turkey 2017

Deadline:  26 October 2016
Open to: 21 years old or older and fluent in English
Venue: two weeks in July/August, Turkey


The UWC Short Course Turkey 2017 will touch on issues of identity and migration –and their several intersections, to give young participants a chance to re-think migration in its complexity, with its challenges as well as its enriching aspects. This year’s short course will bring together 40 young people between the ages of 16 and 18 years old from Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. The short course will take place over a period of two weeks in July/August.

We believe that to think about migration is fundamental to our future. While revisiting the relationship between diasporas, homelands and transnational identities we would like to rethink together the “us/them” binary, particularly with regards to social and cultural differences. At the same time, one of our goals is to facilitate the production of a creative project made by participants, so we can reach out beyond the space and time limitations of the short course.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals committed to creating social change through education. So, if you believe that bringing youth together is an answer, and if you are able to responsively commit to creating an active and positive environment while working together, continue reading to apply as a coordinator.


  1. You need to be 21 years old or older and fluent in English
  2. You will need to make 6 hours a week available for the short course and to be available full-time for a three week period in July/August (exact dates TBD).


This course runs on a volunteer ethic. This is an unpaid position and travel costs are not covered. However, costs incurred during the short course like accommodation, food and local transportation will be covered during the length of your stay.


  1. Fill out the application form before October 26th, 2016
  2. Interviews with selected applicants will take place between October 29th and November 6th, 2016.
  3. The following application form will require personal and contact information from you and will also ask you to fill out short essay questions detailing your qualifications to work as a coordinator.

In order to apply, register HERE.

For more information, get in touch at

The official web-page.

Critical Language Scholarship Program for US students


Currently accepting applications for 2017. Applications due November 16, 2016.Apply now!

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is part of a U.S. government effort to expand dramatically the number of Americans studying and mastering critical foreign languages. The CLS Program provides overseas foreign language instruction and cultural immersion experiences in 14 critical need languages for American undergraduate and graduate students. The program is pleased to announce the addition of Swahili as a new language option for the Summer 2016 application at the Beginning, Advanced Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

Students of diverse disciplines and majors are encouraged to apply. Participants are expected to continue their language study beyond the scholarship period, and later apply their critical language skills in their future academic and professional careers.


8-10 weeks

Eligibility and Application Overview

Public applications are accepted.Eligibility Requirements:

  • All applicants must be U.S. citizens.
  • Be enrolled in an accredited U.S. degree-granting program at the undergraduate (associate’s, bachelor’s) or graduate (master’s, doctoral, professional degree) level.
  • Applicants must be 18 by the beginning of the CLS Program.
  • Current undergraduate students must have completed at least one year of general college course-work by program start date (one year is defined as two semesters or three quarters).
  • Be in acceptable mental and physical health. Grantees will be required to submit a satisfactory Medical Information Form and Physician’s Statement.
  • Please see CLS Institute Language Levels for more information on language pre-requisites for individual institutes.


Applications due November 16, 2016Apply now! 

Critical Language Scholarship Program
American Councils for International Education
1828 L Street NW, Suite 1200
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone: 202-833-7522

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program for US undergraduates


Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 Early Application Now Open!

  • Deadline for Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 (early) to study or intern abroad is October 4, 2016. Visit Institute of International Education website to apply.
  • The application for study or intern abroad during the summer and Fall/academic year terms  open in mid-January, with a deadline in early March.  Please see theDeadlines and Timelines for further details.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program provides scholarships to U.S. undergraduates with financial need for study abroad, including students from diverse backgrounds and students going to non-traditional study abroad destinations. Established under the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000, Gilman Scholarships provide up to $5,000 for American students to pursue overseas study for college credit.

Critical Need Languages

Students studying critical need languages are eligible for up to $3,000 in additional funding as part of the Gilman Critical Need Language Supplement program. Those critical need languages include:

  • Arabic (all dialects);
  • Chinese (all dialects);
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Japanese
  • Turkic (Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgz, Turkish, Turkmen, Uzbek);
  • Persian (Farsi, Dari, Kurdish, Pashto, Tajiki);
  • Indic (Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Sinhala, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sindhi);
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Swahili

Consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for further details.


1 Month to 1 Year

Eligibility and Application Overview

Public applications are accepted.The scholarship program is open to all U.S. citizen undergraduates, in good academic standing who have received a Federal Pell Grant and meet the following criteria.

Eligble Applicants Must Be:

  • Receiving a Federal Pell Grant or provide proof that he/she will be receiving a Pell Grant at the time of application or during the term of his/her study abroad program or internship.
  • Applying to or has been accepted into a study abroad program or internship eligible for credit by the student’s accredited institution of higher education in the U.S./li>
  • Studying or interning abroad for at least four weeks (28 days) in one country – or two weeks (14 days) for current community college students – and no more than one academic year. Programs going to more than one country are eligible if the student will be in one country for at least four consecutive weeks.
  • Studying or interning abroad in any country or a country on the U.S. Department of State’s current Travel Warning List. Students applying to programs in Mexico may only apply for scholarships to support study in Mexican states where no advisory is in effect according to the U.S. Department of State Travel Warning List.

The applications for study or intern abroad during the spring and summer (early application) terms open in mid-August, with a deadline in early October.  The application for study or intern abroad during the summer and fall/academic year terms  open in mid-January, with a deadline in early March.  Please see the Deadlines and Timelines for further details.



Contact Information
Gilman Scholarship Program
Institute of International Education
1800 West Loop South, Suite 250
Houston, TX 77027

YES Exchange Program for US highschoolers
The YES Abroad program provides merit-based scholarships for eligible high school students to develop a perspective of a Muslim culture first-hand. Participants spend an academic year attending a high school while living with a host family in select countries with significant Muslim populations. A network of support through partner international exchange organizations, field staff, trained volunteers, and carefully selected host families helps ensure a successful exchange experience.
Participants serve as “youth ambassadors” of the United States, promoting mutual understanding by forming lasting relationships with their host families and communities. If you have a passion for learning about other cultures, this program may be for you!
Approximately 65 American students participate in YES Abroad each year. Upon their return to the United States, the students apply their leadership skills and share knowledge about their host countries through community engagement.

Eligibility and Application Overview

Public applications are accepted.Eligibility details for the 2017-2018 program.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • 15-18.5 years of age at start of program, applicants must be born between December 24, 1998 and June 24, 2002
  • Enrolled in high school (including home school) at the time of application
  • For the following countries, prior French skills are required: Morocco, Senegal
  • The YES Abroad program seeks applicants of all racial, ethnic, religious, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

NSLI-Y Scholarship Application for USA studnets – due: October 27, 4:00 p.m. EST

The National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program was launched in 2006 to promote critical language learning among American youth. The U.S. Department of State, in cooperation with American Councils for International Education, awards and administers merit-based scholarships to high school students for participation in summer and academic year immersion programs in locations where the seven NSLI-Y languages are spoken. NSLI-Y immerses participants in the cultural life of the host country, giving them formal and informal language practice and sparking a lifetime interest in foreign languages and cultures.


NSLI-Y summer programs are expected to be offered in all seven NSLI-Y languages.  Academic year programs are expected to be offered in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Korean, Russian, and Turkish.

Scholarship Coverage

Students selected for a NSLI-Y scholarship receive round-trip travel between their home city to the pre-departure orientation and the overseas host program location; pre-departure, arrival, and end-of-stay orientations; tuition and related academic program costs including preparation, support, and testing; educational and cultural programming, including program travel; in-country support; room and board; visas for entrance and exit of the host country; and secondary medical benefits.

The scholarship does not cover costs associated with obtaining a valid U.S. passport, required medical examinations and immunizations for the NSLI-Y medical review or visa requirements, pocket money for personal items, or excess baggage fees.


Youth For Understanding – Scholarship for oversea studies for USA highschoolers

YFU offers over 200 full and partial merit-based scholarships and needs-based financial aid to students every year.

To be considered for scholarship awards, students must meet the eligibility requirements listed on the individual Scholarship Information pages below and demonstrate characteristics like flexibility, tolerance and open-mindedness. In addition to the standard application and fee (if required), students also need to submit essay responses, a host family introduction letter and teacher recommendations by the scholarship deadline. Students can apply for multiple scholarships and pay only one fee.

Through the generosity of numerous corporations, governments, foundations and individuals, YFU awards more than $2.3 million in partial or full study abroad scholarships annually. Students are encouraged to consider all of their scholarship options and apply to as many as they qualify for by the December 1 scholarship application deadline!

14 Vacancies at ILO Offices around the World

Application deadline: 1 November 2016 (Geneva Time)

For further information and details on how to apply, please visit: 

Please note that all candidates must complete an on-line application form.
To apply, please visit the above-mentioned ILO’s e-Recruitment website. The system provides instructions for online application procedures.

A better world starts here

There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the ILO!

The ILO is hiring professionals in the following technical and managerial areas mentioned below.

  • International Labour Standards
  • Labour Law
  • Employment Policy
  • Gender Equality
  • Green Jobs Programme
  • Research
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Labour Economics
  • IT
  • Technical Services Engineering
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Social Protection

The International Labour Organization (ILO), a specialized agencyof the United Nations, has the mandate to promote social justice,employment and internationally recognized human and labourrights in the context of inclusive and equitable economic growth.

It is the only tripartite UN agency, bringing together representativesof governments, employers and workers.

If you would like to work within an internationally diverse,globally challenging, highly principled environment and you havea proven track record of high performance, then the ILO is theright place for you.

The ILO values diversity among its staff and aims at achieving gender parity. We welcome applications from qualified women and men, including those with disabilities.

The closing date for applications is 1 November 2016.