Various Vacancies at OneEurope

We will provide training and guidance throughout, while at the same time giving you wings to develop in the areas YOU are most interested in. We are always open to your ideas, or new projects you may want to develop. We will also give you a sparkling reference at the end of the Internship.

Here are some of the opportunities:

  • Web Designer
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Social Media Manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Graphic Designer
  • Infographic Editor
  • Cartoonist / Caricaturist
  • Initiatives Reporter
  • Ambassador
  • Patron

To apply, or for further information, send an e-mail to:

Web Designer

Would you like to develop a major Pan-European website?
All you need is knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Java Script.

For more advanced assistance:
Ever heard of RWD, Ruby, or semantic web parsing, and have experience with one of them? You’re exactly who we’re looking for! (Our tool box: RWD.gitHabari)


OneEurope provides news and analysis from a European perspective.

If you love to write about culture, economics, politics, sciences, technology or society, we can help you deliver your content to a broad audience through the OneEurope website, as well as through our substantial social media presence.

Our diverse team already comprises some 35 nationalities, and represents all parts of society — combining many different backgrounds and experiences.


Classical Editor
Edit articles, find cool images, arrange the layout and promote them via our social media.

Editor of the Video Section
Choose the best European videos, publish them on OneEurope and share them via our social media.

Initiatives Reporter
Report on campaigns, events, conferences and other happenings around Europe.

Infographic Editor
Create infographics on European topics and spread them via our social media.


As an Ambassador for OneEurope, you will represent us, and the dream of closer unity between people, in your country, or region. With training and help from us, you will manage and lead a network of bloggers, civil society leaders and activists.


Gain further experiences in fundraising and contribute to one of the most important processes in any organization.


Support an ambitious, successful and idealistic platform, and at the same time the European Dream.
As a patron you, or your organization, will be an official sponsor of an important non-profit, civil society organization, with a great dream for unity.
Please see the dedicated “Become a patron” page for more details.

Graphic Design Assistant

Design awesome banners, infographics, cartoons, backgrounds, promotional designs and much more. Only basic skills with software like Photoshop or Gimp are required. We will provide training and support throughout!

Infographic Designer

Infographics stand at the intersection of art and statistics. They are a great way to reach a very wide audience and create viral content.

There is tons of data about Europe all over the Internet. It is very simple to present it concisely, and beautifully with tools like Infogram. We will then spread these infographics widely through our website, social media platforms and network of partner organizations.

Can’t find a suitable role for you?:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if you found none of the above categories directly applicable to your case.

Just propose a role which you think would be beneficial for OneEurope, or an area of cooperation, and we will figure out the best way forward together!

Send an e-mail to:

Chance To Win The World’s Biggest Music Competition For Peace

Deadline: 28 February 2014
Open to: musicians from all over the world
Prize: Winner will receive the opening spot of MasterPeace in Concert Istanbul September 21st, 2014 along with flight* and accommodation expenses for this trip.


“My Music MasterPeace” competition gives musicians from all over the world, the chance to win being the opening act of MasterPeace in Concert – Istanbul on September 21st. the winner will be joining top international artists and performing at the MasterPeace mega concert, with World’s largest Orchestra in the world, ‘The Metropole’.


  • The Competition is open to musicians (individual artists and bands) of all nationalities.
  • The Competition accepts only songs that are related to broader concept for peace, tolerance, acceptance, harmony, social justice, human rights, equality, etc.
  • The Competition will reject any song that incites hate speech, violence, discrimination of any type, which rejection will be to the sole judgement of MasterPeace.
  • There are no restrictions on the age of entrants.
  • Each band/artist should be available to travel during September, 10th till September, 24th2014.
  • MasterPeace reserves the right to extend the submission phase or any phases if appropriate.
  • English Subtitling (for ALL submissions)
  • Performances may be submitted in any language; however, ALL performances must be subtitled in English, including programs originally produced in English.
  • Submissions without subtitling/captioning in English will be disqualified.


Winner will receive the opening spot of MasterPeace in Concert Istanbul September 21st, 2014 along with flight* and accommodation expenses for this trip.

All top 20 with the highest votes will receive invitations for MasterPeace in Concert – Istanbul. MasterPeace will be flying the winner to perform as the opening act of MasterPeace in Concert Istanbul September 21st, and join top artists and getting their music heard by millions.

*Economy Class


1- Submit original song that inspires action for peace/social change. Entries can focus on a range of different themes in peace-building, such as conflict resolution, cultural collaboration, non- violence etc.

2- All entered songs require a fusion of music with a video (graphic, clip, animation, pictures)

3- Music piece can be in any language however all must be subtitled in English (including originally produced in English).

4- Tracks may not contain any content that indicates violence, racism, intolerance, discrimination …etc, which will lead to rejection of the song and disqualification of the artist.

5- All entries can only be submitted through the MasterPeace platform, so you need to create a profile on this link (

This competition requires NO ENTRY FEE.

Competition Phases 

1- First Phase: Submission of original peace-related song(s)
Starts: December 1st, 2013     Submission Ends:  February 28th, 2014


2- Second Phase: MasterPeace verifies all entries
All accepted entries will be announced on March 31st, 2014 (e-mail confirmation) to enter third phase – public voting.


3- Third Phase: Public votes on their favorite song on
Voting Starts: April 1st, 2014                       Voting Ends: April 30th, 2014


4- Fourth Phase: Judges choose the winner of the My Music MasterPeace competition.
Winner announcement: May 15th, 2014

For any questions, enquires or requests,  please contact


For more details visit the official website HERE.

The European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2014

Deadline: 10 February 2014
Open to: young people from all the EU member states
Prize: The best project is €5000, the second, €3000 and the third, €2000


The European Charlemagne Youth Prize” aims to encourage the development of European consciousness among young people, as well as their participation in European integration projects.
The Prize is awarded to projects undertaken by young people which foster understanding, promote the development of a shared sense of European identity, and offer practical examples of Europeans living together as one community.
“The European Charlemagne Youth Prize” is awarded jointly and annually by the European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen.


The European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen invite young people from all the EU member states to participate in a competition on EU development, integration and European identity issues.

Applicants should be 16-30 years old.

The participants must be citizens or residents of one of the 28 member states of the European Union.

Participants can apply, either individually or in groups; in the case of group and multinational projects, the project can only be submitted in one country.


The prize for the best project is €5000, the second, €3000 and the third, €2000. As part of the prize, the three final laureates will be invited to visit the European Parliament (in Brussels or in Strasbourg). Also, the representatives of all the 28 national projects selected will be invited to a four-day trip in Aachen, Germany.
The prizes for the best three projects will be presented by the President of the European Parliament and representative of the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen.


Submission deadline extended until 10 February 2014!

Application forms are available through the websites of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize ( and the national Information Offices of the European Parliament.

For more information regarding the competition please contact the national Information Offices.

Applications in all official languages of the European Union are eligible.

The projects submitted for the competition must have started and:

a) have finished within the calendar year (12 months) preceding the current application deadline or

b) be still running.

All applications must include the following information:

  • Title of the project
  • Applicant’s surname, first name and name of the organization (if applicable)
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Contact address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number (mobile phone and/or landline)
  • Internet site: (if applicable)
  • Complete description of the project
  • Summary (1-3 pages) in, English, French or German
  • Declaration of EU funding (if applicable)

Applicants must keep a copy of the material as it may not be returned by selection juries.

Article 4: Exclusion from participation

The following projects are ineligible:

  • projects submitted by persons working in the European institutions and in the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen
  • academic theses and publications
  • projects which receive more than 50% funding through EU Institutions except if this funding is only for  initial start-up purposes of a project or covering solely current expenses of a programme, such as costs for participants, whereas the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the project is carried out on a voluntary basis
  • projects that have already received a prize awarded by a European Institution. This includes the final three winners of the previous editions of European Charlemagne Youth Prize Competition
  • projects submitted with incomplete applications or applications sent in several parts



For more details visit the official website HERE.

EU Studies Fair, 7-8 February, Brussels (Free)

Deadline: 06/02/2014
Open to: Students, young professionals, academy
Venue: 7 and 8 February 2014, Brussels, Hotel Crowne Plaza Brussels Le Palace


On 7 and 8 February 2014 European Voice organizes the 15th EU Studies Fair in Brussels.

Now in its 15th year European Voice‘s EU Studies Fair has established itself as a unique event focusing on higher education in the fields of EU studies, international relationsbusiness and law. A two-day education and networking event bringing together prospective students and academic institutions, it attracts multilingual, ambitious students and young professionals from all over Europe and beyond, who have a direct interest in further study and careers in these fields.

The EU studies fair gives you the opportunity to get information about trends on the European job market and receive personalised advice on career options. Since 2003 the European Personel Selection Office has been a regular partner of the event, presenting career opportunities within EU institutions and selection procedures, and giving personalised advice to students on how to best prepare for the concours. This year, you will also be able to get your CV checked and to meet professionals who succeeded in the fields that you are interested in.

The EU studies fair offers you the opportunity to follow special seminars featuring professors from prestigious universities and influential policymakers, in which you will learn more about courses, careers and what to expect both during and after your studies. All participants also receive a copy of European Voice’s latest EU studies guide, giving you the latest trends in post-graduate studies and a list of course offerings.

The EU Studies Fair is an education fair and networking event bringing together prestigious universities, academic institutions and language schools from Europe and beyond offering postgraduate programmes in EU studies, international relations, business, marketing, political sciences and law. About 500 prospective students and young professionals who have a direct interest in further study and careers in these fields will attend the event.


This event, free of charge, is a unique opportunity for students and young professionals to discover the programmes of some 50+ world-class academic institutions and seek personalised advice on education and career opportunities to make the best choices for their own future.

Every participant will receive a free copy of this year’s EU Studies Guide.



Registrations are now open (free) for this interesting event! Please insert the code EUSF2014UI next to your “first name” when you register here
More information about the event and free registration available on the EU Studies Fair website and Facebook page EU Studies Fair.

The Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence Charles University in Prague

Deadline: 1 April, 2014.
Open to: students who are interested in” Nationalism, Religion and Violence”
Venue: from June 23 to July 3, 2014 in The Prague, Czech Republic


The Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence Charles University in Prague, International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki and supported by the LSEE, is ready to launch its second year. A key goal of the Sumer Seminar, taking place in Prague from June 23 to July 3, 2014, is to contribute in a substantial way to the study of violence and to catalyze the growth of the study of violence as a field.

  • led by the best international researchers in the field
  • bringing together lecturers from the most prestigious universities such as OxfordNYU or LSE
  • targeting students and graduates of Political ScienceHistoryAnthropologyInternational Relations,International LawJournalism and other related disciplines
  • course for both undergraduates, (post)graduate students and activists
  • taking place at the oldest university in Central Europe

The application process has already started!

Criteria for decisions on admission

  1. Your interest in the topic of the summer seminar (your field of study at the university, jobs and internships, volunteering, other summer schools, etc.)
  2. Your year of study (more advanced students are being preferred)
  3. Intercultural competence (knowledge of foreign languages, experience of living, studying or working abroad, etc.)


The tuition fee costs 750 EUR (payment deadline April 18, 2014). 

This is price includes:

  • Tuition (all lectures as mentioned in the program)
  • Fieldwork trips (as mentioned in the program)
  • Cultural and social events (as mentioned in the program)
  • Weekend trip
  • Reading materials (an on-line version will be at your disposal after enrolling)
  • Refreshments available during the working hours


Discounts and fellowships are available for:

  • Nationalism, Religion and Violence Summer School alumni
  • Charles University and International Hellenic University students and alumni
  • PRIO fellowships (for Cypriot and Norwegian citizens only)
  • A number of fellowships for travel, accomodation and the waiving of tuition fess are available based upon merit and financial need



  • To be considered for admission, you have to submit your application via e-mail to the Program Coordinator (Jiří Kocian) –
  • The application deadline is April 1, 2014.
  • Approximately 25 students will be admitted to the Nationalism, Religion and Violence in Europe Summer School 2014.
  • Applicants admitted to the program are expected to participate fully, which means attending all classes and lectures.
  • A very good level of English is essential for successful participation in the summer seminar.

The application e-mail should contain:

1/ Your CV (in English language).
2/ A document proving your enrollment in a college or university or your graduation. For example a confirmation letter/form issued by your university, copies of relevant diplomas and transcripts, etc. A scan or a photo of such a document is sufficient. It may be submitted in the language in which it was originally issued. If we need a translation, we will ask for it.
3/ Proof of your knowledge of English (if you are not a native speaker). We require at least the B2 level of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( You will be asked to send us either: a copy of a language exam certificate or an official confirmation that you have passed a university course in English or another course in English at the required level. In the case you study/studied an academic program, which is being taught entirely in English, the document proving your enrollment or graduation will be considered as a proof of your knowledge of English.
4/ Letter of motivation explaining your interest in the summer seminar.

Reception of your application will be confirmed as soon as possible by the Program Coordinator. If not, use other contacts listed below.

Decisions on admission

  • Decisions on admission are made according the rounds described below.
  • After the application deadline (April 1, 2014), admitted participants will be informed and asked to pay their respective tuition fees until April 18, 2014.
  • The possibility of a second round acceptance occurs in case of previously admitted participants’ unability to come or to fulfill their financial duties.

If you would experience problems with e-mail communication, you can also apply via post or fax:

Program Coordinator (Jiří Kocian)


Institute of international Studies

Tel: (+420) 251 080 250
Fax: (+420) 251 620 294

Nationalism, Religion and Violence in Europe Summer School 2014
Charles University Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences
Smetanovo nabrezi 6
CZ-110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic


For further information, please visit the official website.


Photo competition on women’s empowerment open [Worldwide]

Photographers and photojournalists can submit their entries.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation and Nokia are inviting photographers to submit images capturing women’s empowerment in their countries.

The themes include leadership, courage, passion, opportunity, innovation and motherhood.

Ten finalists will be selected and asked to put the Nokia Lumia 1020 to the test, using it to create a portfolio of images illustrating women’s empowerment.

From these 10 finalists, one will be chosen and receive the Thomson Reuters Foundation-Nokia Award, an all-expense-paid trip to attend a professional mobile journalism training course and a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone.

The deadline is Feb. 11.

For more information, click here.

International Video Competition for Young Artists THE 02

Deadline: 1 March 2014
Open to: students and graduates of art colleges and academies
Prize: 10 selected videos will be presented to the audience


The International Competition for Young Artists THE 02 is organized by an independent artistic group – THE Video Community operating in Krakow, Poland.

The Competition for Young Artists is being held within the framework of the International Video Art Review THE 02. The review consists of 2 main parts, a special show of video works by invited artists and a competition show of video works that have been admitted to the final of the aforementioned competition.

The 10 selected videos by different authors will be presented to the audience of the International Video Art Review THE 02, the program of which includes a premiere screening in Krakow, screenings in other towns in Poland and on TVP Kultura television channel.


The Competition is open to students of art colleges and academies (institutions of higher education) or graduates of such institutions.

The videos made not earlier than 1 January 2011 are eligible for the competition. Artists may submit works that have received awards at other reviews or competitions. The preferred length of the video is up to 6 minutes, although videos up to 15 minutes lengths will be considered.


The appointed jury will award first prize for the best video of the competition amongst the 10 videos selected for the final and for the presentation to the public; however, it is a competition without financial rewards.


In order to take part in the competition, artists should submit a stage I application form, available HERE,  by 1 March 2014. There is no submission fee. At the stage II, 10 chosen artists will be invited to the final presentation.

For more details visit the official website HERE.

The International Academy for Advanced Studies

Deadline: 30 April 2014
Open to: students from about 20 countries (North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and more )
Venue: 21 July – 7 August in Chania, Greece


The International Academy for Advanced Studies is the largest educational program in the Mediterranean that brings together more than 70 students from about 20 countries (North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and more) for a unique experience of interdisciplinary education and cross cultural communication, right on the birthplace of Europe. Discover Greece, the environment and the mentality that still connects the past to the future while immerging in a life changing adventure that can unfold new opportunities. The academic program explores major fundamental ideas of contemporary issues, from political economy to geopolitics and environment, conflict management, civil society and its roots of Plato, and a lot more. In addition to classes, students participate in dialogue designed to promote intercultural understanding. This combination of activities leads to an exchange of ideas that cannot be gained elsewhere and unexpected friendships that interlock the four corners of the world. The mission of the Academy is to enhance the leadership potential of outstanding young academics from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds and applying the principles of Socrates in education, engender value societies across the globe. As a participant in TIAAS, students from a wide range of nationalities, religions, cultures and educational backgrounds, have the opportunity to learn, interact, and share their experiences in ways that can benefit their professional and personal development, in an ideal setting, comparing and contrasting languages, customs, and cultures with their counterparts, while forming friendships and a global network that can last a lifetime within the active alumni family.


We accept undergraduate and post-graduate students from all fields of study, interested in the broadening their knowledge on Conflict management & resolution, International Relations, Leadership, Political economy and Politics.

The total cost of the program is 2.100 € (euros) and covers:

  • registration fee
  • tuition
  • educational material
  • accommodation in double A/C rooms with private facilities
  • three meals per day
  • field trips
  • special events

Τravel costs & visa expenses are not included as they vary from country of origin.

A number of competitive scholarships for the program cost will be available on the basis of academic, leadership potential and need criteria.

You can apply for a scholarship, through the online application, that will cover part of the cost.

To apply for the program click here

Participants are encouraged to explore funding opportunities available through non-government organizations (NGO’s) and government sources to assist in their payment of fees and travel expenses.

Please read the terms and conditions that apply on payment and cancellation policy.

For further information please contact us at

For further information, please visit the official website.

Quality Education in English on the Turkish Mediterranean !

March 3rd, 2014 deadline for Fall 2014 Internship Program (unpaid): accepting applications

U.S. Department of State 2014 Fall Student Internship Program (unpaid).

Click here ( to go directly to USAJobs to start the Gateway to State online application. Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is March 3, 2014.

This program offers U.S. citizen undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to participate in 10-week, unpaid internships that provide intensive educational and professional experience within the environment of America’s principle foreign affairs agency.

The unpaid internships are available at many of the over 265 U.S. embassies, consulates and missions to international organizations around the world, as well as at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. and other locations throughout the U.S. Participants gain first-hand, hands-on experience, and learn the realities of working in – and with – Foreign and Civil Service professionals who are at the forefront of America’s diplomatic efforts.

As an unpaid intern, you may have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in meetings with senior level U.S. government or foreign government officials;
  • Draft, edit, or contribute to cables, reports, communications, talking points, or other materials used by policy makers in furthering U.S. foreign policy objectives;
  • Help organize and support events, including international and/or multi-lateral meetings and conferences on critical global issues;
  • Contribute to the management and administration of the Department of State and America’s foreign policy; and
  • Engage directly with U.S. or foreign audiences to promote U.S. foreign policy and improve understanding of U.S. culture and society.

So consider spending your Fall 2014 with the U.S. Department of State, witnessing and participating in the formulation and implementation of U.S. foreign policy, working closely with the U.S. diplomats and civil servants who carry out America’s foreign policy initiatives. You’ll not only have an experience of a lifetime, you may even earn educational credit.*

* Applicants who are selected for a U.S. Department of State Student Internship Program (unpaid) can contact the selecting bureau, or the central Student Programs office, if they require further details about the program to support their request for academic credit.

Please visit for more information about the Fall 2014 Student Internship Program (unpaid), and to start the online application process via USAJobs. Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is March 3, 2014.

We appreciate your interest in a career with the U.S. Department of State.

Visit our forums if you have any questions, or to search for topics of interest. The forums can be found under Engage on the website. You can also search our FAQs for more information.

First Annual International Student Media Symposium 2014 in Ukraine

Deadline: 20 January 2014
Open to: full-time and part-time students, as well as young scholars from Ukraine and abroad
Venue: 21-22 March 2014, Lviv, Ukraine


The Ukrainian Catholic University School of Journalism with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the NIRAS Consulting Company are pleased to announce a call for students’ research paper abstracts for participation in the First Annual International Student Media Symposium (SMS) 2014 “TRANSMEDIA: Transformation, Transition, Transgression” that will be held in Lviv, Ukraine on 21-22 March 2014.

The Student Media Symposium (SMS) is intended to create a new academic platform for the exchange of ideas, projects and results of media research among young scholars and journalists and leading media researchers and media experts from Ukraine and abroad at the School of Journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine.

SMS 2014 includes three main foci: media studies, media criticism, and new media:

  • The Media Studies Laboratorium of SMS focuses on media and journalism recent researches, as well as on media transformations;
  • The Media Criticism Workshop, based on a discussion format, is aimed at finding new ways of critical analysis of contemporary cultural processes retranslated through media;
  • The Media Experimentarium unites practitioners involved in the development and promotion of innovative technologies and media projects.

The SMS organizational structure provides selection and review of the applications, individual work with discussants, and the presentation of research and creative projects within SMS’2014 platforms.

Cooperation with the applicants within the Media Studies Laboratorium will be based on three stages:

  • Reviewing proposals and individual work of the participants with their discussants during the month before the Symposium;
  • Presentations and reports; discussions involving discussants, moderators, and section guests during the Symposium;
  • All research papers will be published in the electronic journal SMS’2014 and placed on the Symposium web page. The best research papers according to the discussants’ and referees will be delivered to editors of Ukrainian and foreign scholarly journals and media outlets.

Calls for papers for the Media Criticism Workshop and the Media Experimentarium will be announced in January 2014.

Thematic areas of SMS’2014:

  • Media and the Socio-political Transformation in Ukraine and Abroad;
  • Transformations in Journalism;
  • Audio-visual Communication;
  • Language and Media;
  • Media, Ethics and Morality;
  • Media, Church and Religion;
  • Media and Gender;
  • Media Anthropology;
  • Media Innovations, Advertising and PR;
  •  Transgression of New Media Formats and Technologies.


Participation in SMS’2014 is free of charge. The organizers cover travel cost, accommodations and meals.


The participants might be full-time or part-time students (bachelors, masters, postgraduates, doctoral students (PhD) or young scholars of any humanitarian, socio-economic, and technical spheres from Ukraine or abroad.


The applicants should submit:

  1. An abstract of a future research paper: this should not just be a summary for the oral presentation, but also should include plans for turning the paper into an article;
  2. CV (should include information about the education and professional experience of the prospective participant, as well as any awards, scholarships, fellowships, publications, presentations, etc.; contact information, language skills (with a note about which additional languages the applicant can write his/her article in and can speak at the symposium);
  3. Letter of recommendation from a research consultant/adviser (if applicable).

Requirements for research paper abstract:

We accept student abstracts on the topics mentioned above. The application abstract should contain the object and the subject of the research work, as well as the goals and objectives of the paper, the relevance and novelty of the topic, and theoretical underpinnings. A list of key theses should be provided, an outline of methodology, and the practical and theoretical significance of the study. The project should have an original approach to the topic. Additional visual aids for projects (charts, tables, infographics, etc.) are encouraged.

The length of the abstract should be no more than 600 words (size 14, Times New Roman font, 1.5 line spacing); acceptable formats – Word doc, docx, rtf, or pdf.

Languages of Application Materials: Ukrainian and English; Russian and English; English.

The deadline for abstract submission: The abstract along with the author’s CV and letter of recommendation need to be sent in email form with attachments by January 20, 2014 to

Attention! Compiled works and works that contain plagiarism will not be considered by the jury. Quotations should be in the appropriate bibliographical format and footnoted; information from the Internet should contain a link to sources.

The results will be announced at the end of January 2014. The distribution of sections and individual assignments of discussants for further cooperation with the authors will be announced in late January 2014. The deadline for final versions of student papers is 10 March 2014.

The official call